Well, I think it is entirely possible.  His actions could indicate that the assertions in the attached story is true.  Why else would a “suppose-ed” right-minded person act in the manner he does?  Intentions aside..good or bad.  Check out the article and decide for yourself. Click HERE for a UK article that states Obama is the “Most Naive President in US History”.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 04/13/2010 - 3:28 pm

    You have the right wing and the left wing. The biggest problem is they are on the same bird. This bird is responsible for this huge government and huge debt America is in. As long as the Rothschild’s, Builderberg’s, Warburg’s families and groups like this control the worlds media, money, economy and selected people, we will always have people like Barack Obama willing to destroy America. With his upbringing and background he was groomed for this job and put into office by a select group. He is the messenger and surrounded with people on the same selected agenda, which is to destroy America by any means possible and as long as he is in office he will continue on this path of disrespect, narcism, arrogance and socialism. Like I have said before, these Marxist Socialist have had a long time to infiltrate our government and they are dug in like a bunch of Alabama ticks. Seeing as how it appears that more people are getting the message of just how dangerous this Kenyan is to America, we stand a better chance of getting our country back.
    This ten point list pretty much sums up what Barack’s agenda is all about. Why the people that voted Barack into office think this is acceptable is just dumfounding. They must have all gone back to their Ipods and video games. It’s obvious our representatives can’t defend the decisions they have made. And not knowing the Constitution doesn’t help their cause at all.

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 04/14/2010 - 9:30 am

    Another drastic measure that the Obama administration has on their agenda and one we haven’t heard much about is the merging of the United States, Mexico and Canada into a North American Union. This union will adopt a new currency and there will be new connecting trade routes divided into four major areas. The Illuminati, Builderbergs, Tri Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are some of the main organizers of this New World Order. These groups are well on their way with their agenda as you can tell, with this total government control we are now seeing. This obsession with the health care bill is warranted on their part as it is a huge hurdle that needed to be jumped. We have only just begun to see how much our government will ignore the Constitution. Obama is not intelligent enough to enter this arena he is in to make the daily decision’s he is making which to me is proof positive he is being coached from a higher power. And with his background and upbringing and lack of conscience makes it all the easier for him.

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