Read my lips.......New Taxes!!!

Read my lips.......New Taxes!!!

Like the rest of you out there, I am taxed to death as I have NO exemptions to claim.  I get raped every year.  Now the Feds are bandying about the notion of a National Sales Tax or (VAT) as they like to call it.  Now remember, this will be in addition to the federal taxes we now pay!  Enough is enough!  When I was in the Air Force stationed in England, I got my taste of over taxing.  When we were living there, there was a MOT (Ministry of Transportation Tax) a radio license fee, a TV license fee, a garden hose tax and sales taxes.  Yea, that’s right, a garden hose tax!  Now it looks like that is where we are heading with these Einsteins in government at the helm.  In my opinion, they have literally allowed Obama to sell us down the creek putting our nation and way of life at risk and their solution is to raise taxes.  We are on the verge of being taxed the likes we have never seen to pay for all of “The ‘Bamas” plans,programs and liberal agenda.  Below you will find the letter I wrote to my Reps regarding the consideration of these taxes.  Please feel free to use it and send it yourself to yours if you feel so inclined.  My local reps links are to the right. Please use them as I do.  Often and with conviction.

My letter to my Representatives;


It is sounding like the House and Senate is going to consider imposing a VAT or National Sales tax. As this country is spiraling down into a deeper and deeper recession, the likes of which we have not seen for many many decades that has seen hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs as the economy shrinks to historic lows. So far the only solution the House and Senate and the WH has come up with is to throw money at the problem and embark on an unprecedented and I might add, illegal and unconstitutional tactic of bailouts and buyouts of corporate America. The auto industry debacle is going to throw 10s of thousands of people out of work and the big winners are going to be the unions while the rank and file of the UAW is sent packing. If the so called “cap and trade” plan is brought into fruition in spite of clear, unequivocal data indicating Carbon Dioxide is not the cause of this purported and widely touted, false worldwide emergency, we citizens are going to be paying more and more for less and less. That will leave little moneys to spare or invest in our businesses, ones that are lucky enough to live through this mess. I must say by all appearances, it is beginning to look like the Democrat Party as a whole is walking in “lock-step” with the White House and “rubber-stamping” every proposal that comes down the pike, no matter how reckless and damaging to the economy they are. As an Elected Representative, you took an oath to “preserve and protect” the Constitution of the United States and as our Representative, your duty is to listen to your constituents. That is why our form of government is called a “Representative Government”. I am sure I am not alone in my sentiments when I say now is not the time to be bantering around talk about raising or creating more taxes. This “spend and tax” plan will not do anything to improve the economy or help the citizenry through these tough times. With that being said, I wish to advise you to not support any type of VAT or national sales tax especially if it is concurrent with the present taxing structure. If the current taxing system was scrapped in favor of this VAT, that would be another matter and I think that this proposal would meet with wide support. Unless this change to the taxing system is done, this scheme should not meet with any approval and receive a down vote. As always, your voting record is my “weather vane” and I will use it as a guide when I go to the polls. We citizens will hold our electorate accountable at the polls. We are watching and waiting.

UPDATED 04.21.10

Well, here it comes, almost a year since this was first posed on May 28, 09.  “The ‘Bama” is going to most likely push for this VAT.  He evidently is not done dismantling the DNC with his agenda.  This will be the nail that seals their fate come November.  I hope they do it so their defeat at the polls will be so complete, the Liberal/Marxist Dems will never see power again.  In the words of Harry Callahan aka “Dirty Harry”,…..”Make my day”!  Click here for the latest.

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