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Well well well, isn’t this justa stunner?  This should not surprise anyone at this point.  I think this is great news!!  Gee, our transparent, bi-partisan, can’t we all get along, transformational, most ethical President Obama is really NOT what he said he is?!?!?  How can that be.  He has been taking BP money for over 20 years and didn’t say anything about it?!?!?  Say it’s not so!!!!  Ok, enough of that tongue and cheek stuff.  Think the mainstream media will report this?  NOT.  Read it here by click in the ObamaLand Flower.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/06/2010 - 6:33 pm

    Between the financial support from BP, George Soros (Obama’s Oil Man) and help from Antoin (Tony) Rezko a Real Estate Developer and convicted felon with Iraqi connections, you can see how Obama was able to purchase a $1.65 million home on the south side of Chicago even though in reality he could not qualify for it. I find it very curious that seeing as how previously the Obama administration has committed $10 billion to Brazil’s state owned oil company Petrobras for oil exploration (which just happens to be a company where George Soros has a lot of money invested) we have this catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf. It’s one thing right after another with this President Obama. Oh, we just had to get the Health Care Bill passed right away. Then bail out the Banks. Then bail out the auto industry, plus the stimulus package. Now we have this Immigration issue going on. Now, I can see the price of all the oil products including gasoline, going up drastically just like Obama said during his campaign because of this catastrophe.

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