My sentiments exactly Carl!!

I have been saying for a long time,…We have to beat the Marxist/Dems at their own game, and Carl Rove and his like are planning to do it in a big way.  They are putting together a vast campaign contribution network.  To this I say, Hell Yea!!!  Lets pour in as much money we can into this and destroy the socialists at the polls.  Lets get it done!!!  Click the Pic for the story.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/14/2010 - 7:28 pm

    As we get closer to November, this political arena is going to get a lot of attention and the lame steam media is gonna have a field day. As usual there’s going to plenty of mud slinging on both sides during which the Democrats will show us what they are made of. Unfortunately the Democrats have real deep pockets when it comes to election time especially with people like George Soros and his cabal of billionaires. When you add that, along with all the distractions like the immigration issue which will more than likely be an even a bigger issue by then. Plus this catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf which people will still be cleaning up after, not to mention all the finger pointing on whose at fault and whose going to pay for all the cleanup, things are going to get real interesting to say the least. Karl Rove and company will have their work cut out for them. Coming up with enough funding to accomplish what they have planned shouldn’t be an issue to start with, but because of the bad economy, high unemployment, inflation plus higher taxes, money is going to be tight for a number of people. It would appear that Obama has himself in a bit of pickle now with this immigration issue, as he doesn’t want to lose any votes for anyone, yet he doesn’t want to make anyone any more angry than they are already.

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