In doing a little bit of research on this person, I found her view in my opinion to be anti-American and prone to violate our civil rights.  Click the link to get a look at her opinion.  Kagen Private-Speech-Public-Purpose and click here for the story.

I felt compelled to do something, but here in Washington State, both of our Senators are Liberal Dems, so writing to them would and has been a total waste of time.  Check out my past posts on letters to elected officials to see for yourself.  To say they are deaf to us conservatives is an understatement.  So, with that being said, I thought to my self, “Self, who should you write to?  Who might lend a sympathetic ear to our plight?”  Well, I came to the conclusion that maybe I would be heard if I were to write to every Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  So I did.  Below is my letter, for better, for worst.  At least I am trying………Are you??  Feel free to copy this letter and send it as your own if you feel it serves your purposes.


Honorable Senator        :

As a patriotic Conservative and a Veteran, I feel compelled to write to you regarding the upcoming confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan, President Obama’s latest Supreme Court Appointee.  I know I am not one of your constituents, but I can make campaign contributions.
We are now 17 months into the Obama Administration and I, along with millions of other American voters are shocked, disappointed and dismayed at the direction our President is taking our Republic.  I think I can safely say that no one predicted that not only the Executive Branch, but the Legislative branch would also act so callously towards the American people with such arrogance, disrespect and disregard.  As a Conservative, my heart aches every day as I see our Democracy and Republic being dismantled from within.  All of this being done by elected officials who are blindly following their ideology, irregardless of the damages being done to this great nation.  As this current administration is intent on growing big government by leaps and bounds, proportionally, the citizen’s rights and opportunities are lessened or just plain wiped away.  All of this being done literally by the swipe of a pen as each and every Bill and Executive Order is signed into law.
We are a nation of laws.  That is why our founding fathers went to such great pains in crafting our founding documents.  They knew how easy it is for a tyrannical government to squash the people’s will, so many checks and balances were built into the Constitution, Bill of Rights and, intent on protecting the citizenry, the formation of the Supreme Court.
The Founders intended this high court to act as a “safety valve” thus protecting the people from unconstitutional acts by the government.  Unfortunately, to this date, this court has been used by each Executive Officer to further their agenda/legacy.  This could not be truer than right now.  Our civil liberties are under direct attack and President Obama is nominating people to this court that have in my opinion, some very draconian, restrictive points of (legal) view.  I find this frightening in the least, and a threat to democracy at the worst.  Our dike, holding back the waters of oppression has sprung many leaks, and as Conservatives, we must literally, put our fingers in these holes and plug these leaks, stemming the tide of socialism and totalitarianism.
It is my heartfelt hope and desire that this impending confirmation process be filibustered and the confirmation held off until after the November mid-term elections when Conservatives regain the majority in at least one (dare I pray, BOTH) of the Houses.  Scott Brown provided the Republicans with the ability to do so and I am sure that a way can be found to do it, exposing her, to the harsh reality of her past opinions outlined in her publications.  The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.  We are counting on you Republicans to help us save this nation from going down this road.  Please do not back down from the fight.  Stand shoulder to shoulder with us and together we will restore this nation to its former glory, where the government is truly representing the people and worthy once more of world respect and admiration.  We cannot afford to play “politics” with our Democracy.  It is too precious and all too rare to let it go, especially when we can save it now.

UPDATED 031511

Click here for more information on Kagen.  It’s not good, and we must make our voices heard on this.  She MUST recuse herself from this case.  PERIOD

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/13/2010 - 9:19 am

    This entire Obama Mania movement has gotten way out of control. Everywhere you look its Obama this, Obama that, Michell this, Michell that. I mean you can’t even go pick out a Birthday card for someone without a picture of one of them there. Isn’t this how all Communist countries are? Granted he’s a black president and all, but that’s besides the point. It’s so obvious that he’s not qualified for the job of Commander in Chief but he has a total disregard for the Constitution and the American people. He needs a complete back ground check issued to the public that would release all his involvement in corruption. His arrogance and disrespect for other World leaders is not justified when you consider his upbringing and religious interest. Not to mention the stupidity of the both of them not respecting formal greetings especially with the Queen of England (My guess is that the Obama’s haven’t heard the last of that show of dis-respect). How anyone that somewhat pays attention, after all the time he has been in office can overlook all his associations and lies, in the past and the ones that are still coming up, can still believe in him, I don’t know, I just have to shake my head. My guess is he is the only one that his followers listen to and take his word as if it were the gospel. This is the only conclusion I can come up with for so many people to not question anything he says or does. That is with an exception of all Socialist Marxist, Communist and the ones that have never listened and voted for him anyway for one reason or another. I can imagine that most “Real Americans” are beyond the saturation point of all this Obamamania. I know I am.
    Yes, things are in a sad state of affairs in America and we are left to try and choose the lesser of two evils in November. In fact during every election we need to remember this administration and how they are leading us away from our Republic.

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