This is something that I would like to rub the liberal/Marxist noses in to the max.  How the hell is everyone going to have health care insurance if there are no providers, either Doctors or hospitals?!?!?  How that hope and change working for you know?!?!?  This story explains it all very well.  I for one will always make sure these idiots are reminded about their stupidity or just down right un-American perspectives.  We Conservatives must never back down and never let them off the hook for putting the nation in this mess.  Click the pic for the story.

UPDATED 062811

This is exactly what we said would happen, is happening.  Low reimbursement rate patients turned away.  Click here for the story.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/21/2010 - 3:32 pm

    To kill free market competition in health care, that’s what this section of the Health Care Bill is about. After the Democrats applauded the Mexican President for his criticism of America and their refusal to read the health care bill before passing it, confirms what I have always thought, that they are not a thinking group. They are just followers and have to be under some kind of mind control, threats or are getting monetary easements. Obviously somebody is dishing out all the orders from the Rothchilds and Builderberg Cabals through Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama is the messenger. This is the only way any one person can possibly come up with so many speeches on his agenda he wants to impose on the American people. Now you can see why Barry wanted to get this health care bill passed and implemented as soon as possible, for if enough people (doctors) had enough time to read and understand what was planned for them there would have been more people involved in having this bill thrown out. I’m sure as the day is long that there are more surprises for the American people in this health care bill (a lot of which will not even be about health care) that will bring the numbing realization to some of his supporters what an evil person Barack Hussein Obama really is. Obviously by the time he gets done destroying America, he’s not gonna want to stay here, as there is going to be a lot of turmoil between the Government , Races, Religions, Special Interest groups, Hate Groups and people that just want to be left alone. I wonder if Barrack will move to Kenya after he is out of office?
    Everything has gotten out of control with so many convoluted opinions, bad or no morals, Socialism and control over our lives. This Health Care, Immigration and debt issues are only the beginning of America’s huge problems as long as this Marxist Socialist administration is in office.

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