THE DEMOCRAT LURCH TOWARDS SOCIALISM – – or – – Are these actions being perpetrated by the Dems with a wink and a nod from the Republicans?

I didn't hear a "Harumpf" from that guy!!

I think this is a relevant question.  In my observations in all the years past when the Democrats have perpetrated some other sort of travesty against the people, such as taxes, give always and the like, the Republicans have never stood up when they had the power and basically undid, everything the naughty Dems have done.  So here we are today, in a similar situation but with much more dire consequences.  What if……The Dems AND the Republicans are in agreement in which direction to take our democracy and these past events were planned by both parties and it was agreed that the black eye the Dems will get is worth the results?  The ends justify the means kind of thing…….  What do we do when we come to realization that the Republicans are not going to carry out what we want done?  Meaning the complete “undoing” or to use their term, “reset” of everything that the out of control Liberal/Marxists has done in this Administration.  I will not be satisfied until the Healthcare, EPA, Global Warming Scam, The “Right-Wing Extremists DHS labeling of Vets, Obama’s birth certificate issue, reversing of TARP and Stimulus spending, are all stopped, corrected and/or nullified.  I want the EPA choked into submission by cutting their budget.  I want all government agencies to be “un-politicized”. I want to see a Congress and Administration that is law abiding, patriotic, and supporting and protecting the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our way of life and rebuild the military.  NO MORE DEFICIT SPENDING, PERIOD.  Security comes first.  That means take control of the boarders and get a definitive, positive, handle on the illegal alien situation.  If it is possible to round them up and ship them out, ok.  If it takes turning employers who hire illegals’ into felons, so be it.  Just get it done.  I want to see the restrictions on domestic oil drilling and production lifted so we can be as energy independent as possible. I want a purge and crackdown on all “socialistic” heads of agencies, with their bands of merry brothers and sisters.  Our nations founding principles must be espoused and permeate throughout the government.  We have already seen how much damage these people can do thus far. Enough is enough….AND , I want to see a person in the Oval Office who can handle the job and who can conduct themselves in an honorable, statesman like manner,  unlike what we are suffering with now. .  I will not support any Conservative candidate that does not agree with these tenets and who will not agree to a balanced budget amendment.  Tall requirements or a lot to ask?  Yea, I know.  I won’t hold my breath, but we can hope huh?  Or, have we had enough “hope” by now.  We need to stand shoulder to shoulder against the socialists who want to control us, not unlike the reader that has commented on my HR 675 article of late.  We must not let these people win, allowing them to turn our Democracy, Republic and “Great Experiment” into just a memory.

These are just a few of the things I want a “reset” on.  Or am I just being paranoid?…

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 05/28/2010 - 8:56 pm

    The only way one will see a most perfect union with justice and liberty for all is if someone writes a novel about what our founders wanted and succeeded to create for the American people and they turn it into a big Hollywood production. Until then we will have to accept what the American people have to offer us for a politician. Our government is and has been a very corrupt organization for a very long time which revolves and lives off the almighty dollar. If you can imagine writing a constitution that our government now believes the way America should be run and controlled by, I believe the majority of the people would be bewildered beyond belief. Hope is about all we have left anymore. If you stop and just look around and think back you will see just how much freedom we have lost also the taking of more of our money and control over it. It’s a real shame people have to squirm around just to try and get ahead and are treated like criminals in our own homes. Take this census for example. All they need is name, rank and serial number, not anything else. No matter what information we give them, they will do as they please anyway to make things worse.
    Today our government is detrimental to the American people, as they make it as difficult as possible for everyone who is trying to make an honest living for themselves and is destroying the American dream. It’s regulate this, regulate that, that’s against the law, you can’t do this, you better not do that, were going to have to raise taxes again. This control over everyone’s lives will be getting worse, as our government is out of control and too big. We will never see the day the government will get any smaller than it is today especially seeing as how we are on our way to a new world government. You know, a person doesn’t want to sound negative all the time but all things point to negativity with the government of the United States.

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