Yes, I said it…..It is my opinion, that this is exactly what “The ‘Bama” wants.  Looking back on his actions leading up to now, I appears to me that he has orchestrated events in order to put Israel in this situation.  Israel has been forced to take actions into their own hands and do what they feel they have to do to protect themselves because the US (Obama) has distanced itself from Israel, literally and symbolically by dissing Benjamin Netanyahu at his last White House visit.  By condemning the Israeli’s in this latest boat incident with the Palestinians, the Israeli’s are bound to feel more and more isolated and vulnerable.  This in turn will cause Israel to become more resolved in its sovereignty and be more willing to take whatever action it feels it must to protect itself from Hamas and the rest of the terrorist world.  This has all the potential of getting really nasty and I think that is just exactly what Obama wants.  Why do I say that?  Because I think that at the least, he is a Jihad sympathizer, and at worst, a full up, closet Muslim.  I think he is intentionally trying to “ramp-up” tensions over there so the Israeli situation/question will be taken care of or, “answered” once and for all.  And in the end, the state of Israel would not exist anymore and the Arab community would be appeased.  That’s my opinion, take it or leave it.  Why else would he take any action or say ANYTHING that would inflame or pour more gas the matter?  Are these the actions of a competent, statesman like President?  NOT!!  Click here for another story.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 06/02/2010 - 7:55 pm

    Seeing as how the Jewish community in Chicago claimed Barack Hussein Obama as the first Jewish American President, by turning his back on Israel and most importantly (unfortunately) Benjamin Netanyahu a man of Honor and Integrity, he’s also turning his back on the ones that supported him. Hmmmmm…………very interesting. At an AIPAC conference June 4, 2008 Barack made the statement “I will never compromise the security of Israel”. He sure isn’t standing by his word as usual. Seeing as how Barack’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (who just happens to be Jewish and has said “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”) receives instructions from the Rothchilds and Bilderberg Cabal to ignore Benjamin Netanyahu and let Israel fend for themselves. They all know that instigating War is a good way to increase their cash flow. So what better way to start a war than not supporting Israel and intimidating them by turning loose a terrorist group like the “Free Gaza Movement” with a flotilla of ships which as you know is partially supported by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohm ( from America mind you) and let nature take its course. Benjamin Netanyahu must feel completely alone in this situation and according to the World is guilty until proven guilty.
    One thing that still is quite perplexing is that Barack Hussein Obama a person that is an outright liar and criminal, claims to be a Muslim but Wikipedia has him listed as Catholic and the Jewish people in Chicago recognize him as the first Black Jewish President. His homeland according to his wife is Kenya and he can’t prove he is an American citizen. Just what the Heck is this guy? He obviously has no obligation or accountability to anyone but himself. This will be his demise, as he will eventually burn all his bridges except to the world he knows best, Chicago style corruption.
    This critical situation that’s going on now with Israel in my opinion will create a lot of animosity between Jewish families seeing as how we have such a large Jewish presence in the government like with Rahm Emanual the Chief of Staff, Timothy Geithner Secretary of Treasury, Ben Bernanke Chairman of Federal Reserve System, Barney Frank Chairman of Financial Services, Henry Waxman Congressman. The Jewish community donated huge sums of money to Obama’s campaign and now the administration is exposing their families in Israel to War. This will be the same type of animosity you see and feel now between Black and White citizens since “The Anointed One” took office. Like I have said before, Barack’s supporters accept his lies as the gospel and will not listen to anything else. I must make it clear that personally I am no way connecting their Religious Faith with their motives. These are just plain and simple Evil people trying to start a War that will affect the entire World.

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