We're Americans!!

Nothing more need be said.  There are those who deny that our military is filled with honorable people, this speaks directly to those who oppose our military.  Click the pic for the video.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 06/17/2010 - 4:38 pm

    It’s a real shame that our Military is and has been protecting the like’s of Barry Soetero aka: Barrack Hussein Obama and his hand picked administration that disrespect’s the Constitution the Declaration of Independence, his oath of office and the American people. Our Military is in a different mind set right now fighting in a strange land for people they don’t know, all the while our own President and his administration are tearing down what these men and women are losing life, limb and receiving serious injuries for. I can imagine a number of families are keeping a lot of what’s going on with their Commander in Chief from reaching them, as they already have a full time job and needn’t be distracted. Our Commander in Chief and his administration obviously only have their own personal agenda they are thinking of and disregard anything that has to do with preserving our Freedom and lowering the National debt. Socialism and the destruction of the United States (economically and socially) are on the top of Barry’s to do list while he’s in office and so far he’s doing a great job. What you see from reliable news sources should be enough to make even the smallest of mushrooms see what a destructive road Barry is on. To stop this Socialist Marxist movement now is not going to be easy seeing as how Barry and his administration are awakening an already angry giant with people like Van Jones, Reverend Wright, Maxine (Kerosene)Waters, Bill Ayers, Bertha Lewis, Lisa Perez Jackson and this Socialist Hate list goes on and on.
    Yes things are in a sad state of affairs in America today and our Commander in Chief contributes almost daily to make things even worse. You know it looks as though his actions come natural to him which probably has a lot to do with his upbringing by his Communist family and Mentors. Curiously one never hears how much the………..First Lady………contributes to Barry’s decisions seeing as how for the first time in her life she actually feels like an American. How would she ever know what’s that’s like anyway? What America has she been reading about? She must have Communist China and her view mixed up. Maybe she read somewhere that future Presidents are supposed to go out and lie to everyone and make false promises and that’s what her vision of America is. With her husband as President and his socialist agenda destroying America, she’ll never know.
    Anyway back to our troops. We must still all honor our troops and the job they are doing protecting our Freedom and Safety even though it sadly and unfortunately includes protecting the likes of people like Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim that was born in Kenya with a Socialist Marxist agenda. Somehow including Barry just doesn’t sound right. It still amazes me how so many people could overlook all his lies, his associations and his lack of experience and believe in him enough to elect him as President. Obviously the majority of the people in America have no idea what a President represents and neither does the President. Luckily our troops know and are keeping the Faith.

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