We get in, we vote for the "Democratic" party, they love us!!!!

“The ‘Bama” is playing politics with our security so he can pass his “comprehensive immigration reform” as told by Senator Kyl.  The actions of this corrupt Administration are reprehensible and are making us vulnerable to attacks from our enemies.  It is well-known that many people from many countries other than Mexico are streaming in over our southern border.  This President and Democrat held Congress has chosen to ignore this and use the border as a political tool to get the illegal vote.  Our national security apparently doesn’t matter and is of a secondary [or lesser] concern because the corrupt Dem party wants the illegal alien vote so they can stay in power.  It’s all about power and having the Dems had on the tiller as long as possible.  This is just another reason why these corrupt Marxist/Socialists MUST be defeated in November.  I for one am ready to vote now!!!!  Click the Pic for the story…

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 06/28/2010 - 5:08 pm

    No, is the answer. Obama is not playing politics with Arizona, nor is he too concerned about the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, nor is he concerned about what he says or does or how he insults or disrespects the Veterans, nor is he concerned how much debt he incurs for America, nor does he care what he does to the health care system of the American people, nor does he care what the “American” people want, nor does he care to abide by the Constitution. He only cares about Socialism, Communism, the destruction of the American Dream, the loss of Freedom, total government control, indoctrination of children, corruption through every aspect of any and all government agency’s, flying around in Air force One, mocking any and all World Leaders, turning his back on American allies, and most of all Lying. I still have to question the people that support him and the idiots that are stupid enough to still have a Obama/Biden bumper sticker on the back of their car. Just what is the matter with these people? Have they just gone completely insane? Do they even realize that that sticker is on the back of their car? Just how stupid are these people that they think letting this oil disaster run its course is OK? Or it’s OK to let Ranchers like Robert Krentz in Arizona get shot and still believe what the government says that the border is very safe. Just what in the Hell is the matter with these people? Are they Democrats that are getting paid huge sums of money to just drive around thumbing their noses in every ones faces?
    This immigration issue is not going away any too soon, nor is the Gulf of Mexico disaster going to be resolved before it finally runs completely dry, or should I say at a level that that both the deep water pressure and that huge oil reservoir equalize. By then, and I’m not speculating, the entire Gulf of Mexico and a good portion of the Atlantic coast will be beyond cleaning up for decades to come. Thanks to Barrack Hussein Obama that entire fishing industry, vacation spots and residents will be a wasteland for decades. OH YEAH, Change. That’s what his fool followers wanted and that’s what they have, change beyond resolution. Like I have mentioned before, Obama will have the American people begging for mercy before he gets done with his Change. OH YEAH, ACORN, SEIU, REVEREND WRIGHT, VAN JONES, lets vote for them, Barrack Loves them. He’s worked along side them for along time. Com’on all you people Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm, Barack Hussein Obama, Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm, follow behind your Communist Leader.
    I have a real strong feeling that this is not what Abraham Lincoln was thinking. What were these people thinking to vote for and follow this lying Kenyan born Muslim that is destroying America right before our eyes?

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