The Great Martin Luther King Jr. Click the pic for his historic speech. I can't help but wonder what he would be thinking about our current state of relations?

A lie you say?!?  Ha, read this all you libs and then do a gut check!  You still so smart, smug and self-righteous now??  If you are, you beyond hope and should never vote again and subject the nation to your perverted view of the world and un-American sensibilities.

Don’t believe me? Here are the VERIFIABLE FACTS…(I love makin’ lil liberal heads catch fire)

1) Every democrat in office voted AGAINST the emancipation proclamation.
2) Every democrat in office voted AGAINST the 14th amendment.
3) Democrats started the KU KLUX KLAN to hunt and kill REPUBLICAN civil rights activists. The party ALMOST DIED from the racist hatred.
4) Democrats had to be CONVINCED to accept justice at the end of a rifle.
5) Democrats fought women’s right to vote for twenty years. Every suffragist was a republican. Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and (GASP!) Susan B Anthony were ALL republican, and bragged that they voted a ‘republican ticket straight!’
6) Republicans integrated pro sports, and REPUBLICAN hall of famer Jackie Robinson spoke openly of the evil that was the ‘BIG TENT.’
7) Republican women (Suffragists) founded the NAACP.

8 Republicans forced all civil rights legislation through when Lyndon Johnson signed the 1965 act he quipped famously “I fear I’m singing the death knell of the democratic party.” He was right.
9) Republicans liberated 24 million Iraqis. AGAINST the wishes of liberals. Afghan girls can learn in schools.

There has been no greater force of freedom in the WORLD than the republican party of the United States of America. And as Lincoln stated as the party formed that its purpose was to ‘lift the egregious chains of statism from all shoulders.’

Today democrats employ the same tactics where once they had the nerve to classify Africans and women as ‘less than human’ they now apply it to another politically valueless group of americans babies. They list babies as ‘sub-human’ the VERY SAME WAY THEY HELD OTHERS DOWN. Seems they finally found someone without the will to stand up.

And did you people know…PLANNED PARENTHOOD was started by a horrible democrat (racist) named Margaret Singer who made her role one of ‘relieving the world from the BURDEN of MINORITY babies.’

It is quite hilarious that asking people to buy their own food, make their own way and wait their turn to get into our country racists.

Like MARRIAGE (defined by 3000 years of history) or FETUS (the latin root for BABY) or EQUALITY (equal opportunity, not equal outcome) democrats seem to have thrown out the dictionary to just start making stuff up.

Go Tea Party. You’re obviously doing something right.

Oh and one more point…if 63% of white voters support a black OR white candidate and 93% of black voters only came out for a black president, then wouldn’t that make the black voters racist?… Oh well. I guess I’m thinking again. Us’n simpul cuntry foke’s can’t um tink or else we’es racists!

The Democrat Party’s Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism

The Racist history of the Democrat Party

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 07/16/2010 - 3:06 pm

    If Mr. King could see how his dream vanished he would not be one bit surprised at the state of the country today. Socialists Marxist Hate Mongers like Barrack Obama, Maxine “Kerosene” Waters, Van Jones, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Bertha Lewis, would be un-heard of today if Mr. King was still alive. I’m sure though that there would still be hate groups like the New Black Panthers and Skin Heads, as he couldn’t make the entire community happy. I don’t believe there was anyone that could have filled his shoes and carried on where he left off, which is the main reason his movement fell apart. Even though he was a non violent man, he frightened a lot of people with his knowledge, fortitude and leadership. It appears that his main influences were all positive (Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Thoreau) whom all preached non-violence, plus he was born in America (w/papers). One thing he was a big advocate on was retribution for all the slavery his people went through. That’s something I don’t agree with. That keeps the black man angry and will never allow them get over themselves. I mean come on, he wasn’t a slave, nobody today is a slave, so get over it already and stop looking for a free handout. You don’t hear the Jewish community runnin around cryin all the time because their families were murdered. If some one has something to complain about, they should be first in line. I don’t know, maybe they do all their complaining in Germany. At least they appear to have gone on, as they are running our country. Not the way they should mind you, but they are. Then there are the American Indians. For some reason the government (the white devils with forked tongues) really have it out for them. But that’s a whole different issue.
    Anyway when you think about it, there would have been a lot of serious civil unrest for years if Mr. King had continued. Not that that would have been a bad thing for him to continue, but it might have been a good idea if he had toned it down a bit. Although campaigning with the Kennedy’s and other members of the white community may have helped, Mr. King’s “I Have a Dream” motto would have been just that, a dream. Kinda makes you wonder why the Kennedy’s were killed. I guess we’ll never know, will we?
    Any way it was a great speech. Not like all the racist hate speeches you hear today but still sounded somewhat intimidating. Intimidating enough to bring about his demise.
    Can you imagine if Mr. King would have been one of our Founding Fathers? He definitely had the fortitude to argue with the best. It would have changed the entire structure of our society and government. But he wasn’t and today things are bad, real bad. Which makes me wonder if the government would have not intervened on forcing employers to have a certain percentage of minorities working for them, in all honesty just how many employers would have done so? Forcing issues like that does not help matters, it make’s them worse. This is a form dictatorship and takes away your freedom to do what you want. This day and age I feel most people have just gone along with it so as to not be called a racist and end up with a law suit. Certain communities should want to help others like each other, not be forced to do so. Eventually Mr. Kings dream would have never worked as he would be unable to convince everyone to think like him bringing all races together. Today this lyin Muslim Kenyan born Commander in Chief Barrack Hussein Obama and his supporters are driving a stake right through the middle of everything.

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