FCC PLANS A NATIONWIDE BROADBAND NETWORK FOR FIRST RESPONDERS. Lets explore if this is a good thing, or bad thing……

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Speaking directly to the American life and times of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and where we were as a nation.  Simply put, we were a different society then.  We perceived the world through a different set of glasses and were more trusting of the Federal Government because we had no indications or mindset to think otherwise.  We were still basically in a post war kind of mentality or mind-set, not really dependent on the government per-se, but still of the idea that the Feds were a benevolent bunch just looking out for our well being.  I mean, how bad could the government be because FDR had been pushing for the 2nd Bill of Rights, guaranteeing us all sorts of things that the fatherly Feds thought we should have a right to have?  The Feds set up the Social Security system to those ends.  That in it self has proven to be a God Send to countless families.  How bad can that be huh?  And with the formation and implementation fo the Medicare-Medicade systems that has helped countless people too, how bad can that be?  You look back on these programs and you think that these have been a real and palpable benefit to all.  But now, knowing what we now know of how these systems have been mis-managed and abused by Politicians and citizens, what was the true purpose and intent in the formation of these programs?  I think we can make some fairly informed conclusions based on information available to us today.  So, with that in mind, how far have we come since then and how far has the positive perceptions of the politicians fallen all those years past to now?  What about all the scandals?  Such as; What about all the mystery and controversy surrounding the Kennedy’s (Bobby and Jack) relationship with Marilyn Monroe and Peter Lawford?  What was the “official” cause of death?  Oh yea, I remember, it was suicide…..The governments alleged cover-up of the Kennedy assassination by the Warren Commission?  Lone Shooter?  Remember the “magic bullet” and the grassy knoll?  The cover-up of the accident at Chappaquiddick involving Teddy Kennedy, resulting in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.  What about the Watergate break-in and subsequent scandal which brought down Presidency of Richard M. Nixon? Remember G. Gordon Libby?  Oh yea, he sells gold on TV now.  The Monica Lewinsky scandal that caused the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton? “I did not have sexual relations wit that woman” Remember what Slick Willy said?  This is literally just the very small tip of the gargantuan iceberg, when talking about governmental or political scandals.  These is just a minuscule number of the scandals that our top elected people got themselves involved in years past.  Imagine what could and probably is going on today?  I shudder to think….

Since the days of FDR, there has been an almost imperceptible, behind the curtain movement, dedicated to the opposition of democracy, all justified by the preposition that it is necessary for the rights of the citizens.  This agenda has taken hold and has manifested itself in the form of many leftist organizations and has been entrenched in many aspects and institutions that make up the bulk of life in our normal society.  In order for this movement to get legs and gain true power, it was necessary to organize the workers thus requiring the formation of workers unions, demonize corporate America because the workers were being mistreated, and spew your propaganda as far and wide as possible until people either stopped listening and became complacent, or, started to believe it and took up the cause.  Either way, the agenda wins.  Now before all you Libs hair catch fire over that statement, I will qualify it by adding that is some cases, unions were the right thing to form because there were some employers who were treating their people badly.  However, with that being said, this is how we ended up with unions such as the SEIU and the UAW that ended up costing the employers so much money in overhead that they get priced out of their respective markets.  Simply put, you cannot stay in business when it costs you $75 an hour to build something, or pay more than minimum wage for a service that has a very tight profit margin.  Now I am all in favor of a good working wage, but things have gotten out of hand.  That is why companies such as the ever-American Levi Jeans has moved their manufacturing outside the country.  It simply costs to much in labor to stay.  So for an “American” product, you have to buy a product made by non-Americans.  What about those people who need that job now?  Well its gone and won’t come back until the American Government sets up conditions that make that move profitable.  I don’t see that happening any time soon.  So why has this situation been allowed to fester and grow into the mess we have now?  Politicians have been corrupted and suckered in by all the PAC money from all these unions and other influential entities, thus tilting the scale in their favor for one reason or another.  This is the main, favored tactic used to get political favors from the various Congressmen, Senators and whoever else that can legally (or illegally and not get caught) sway.  Ever wonder what is really said in these G20, G8, Bilderberg, and other meetings, supposedly secret or not?  We only know what we’re allowed to know, period.  Unless your there, you don’t know, do you?  I am very confident that in every Administration and Congress, there has always been a malevolent element that put their own needs and wants and aspirations, above the needs of the citizenry.  I am sure this was even the case back when the USA was founded.  However, is spite of those malevolent forces, a Constitution and Bill of Rights was crafted by some very wise men, based on the individuals foundational rights, as given by God, not the Government.  Great care was taken to limit the scope and authority of the Federal Government, thusly, the Feds authority is given by the consent of the individual states and peoples, not the Federal Government to the states, as opposed to the current school of thought of the contemporary occupiers of our government may now seem to believe.  In this long time period, small, almost imperceptible incremental deliberate steps and measures were taken that slowly and purposely encroached on these rights, all the while, giving the Feds more and more authority so the citizenry is “protected” from the various forms of perceived or contrived threats.  I’m afraid that if the citizenry really knew the extent of all the back-room dealings, the crossing of palms with money, the wink and a nod and the just plain illegal, immoral or unethical conduct that our elected officials, bureaucrats, and other trusted representatives, has engaged in, our hair would catch fire and the public outcry would deafen Capitol Hill.

So this brings me back the topic at hand, the plan of the FCC to create a dedicated nationwide communications network for First Responders.  At face value, this plan seems to really make sense.  Stop and think about what would happen in the event of a national “crisis” or localized disaster.  There are many scenarios that could happen that would toss our daily lives into chaos and it seems as we evolve as a society, the more vulnerable we become to “stressors” that in years past, would have barely caused a ripple in daily life.  Today, we as a culture have become so dependent on our infrastructure that disruptions in these services are not tolerated well by the public.  The basic service of course, being electricity.  Without it, our society grinds to a halt.  No electricity, no heat, no water, no gas, no refrigeration, no air conditioning, and basically, no work because you can’t produce any products without electricity.  It has been demonstrated time and time again that when an emergency situation arises, cell phone communications usually get overloaded and shut down, if communications just don’t go down because an interruption of  power.  At least in the old days, the “hard line” phone system was run on a separate power source that was not vulnerable to power interruptions.  I do not know if that is true today, but I hope so.  With all this being said, what kind of emergencies would toss us into chaos?  Well, there are several “natural” type emergencies that we experience on a routine basis.  These include severe weather occurrences such as hurricanes, floods, tornado’s, to include landslides caused by these events.  Earthquakes, depending on severity can cause major disruptions also as demonstrated by the Good Friday Alaskan earthquake of 1964.  All City of Anchorage utility services were impacted by that event.  It took weeks to recover some services, longer for others depending on locations. But, what about “man-made” emergency situations?  These can range from train derailments to other large scale industrial accidents to include ships, planes and trucks and factories.  However, what about an “imagined” or “contrived” emergency called by and for the convenience of the government?  What powers would the government have at their disposal to disrupt the private population’s ability to organize, communicate and otherwise conduct business, but leave their resources intact?  Well, this is the type of system that would have to be in place.  It is just that simple.  Our normal modes used by our phones would be cut off, while leaving the responders operable, thus blinding the enemy, oh, I mean us, blind.   Paranoid you think?  Well, you’ll be laughing out the other side of your mouth if this came to pass…….and this was part of the grand plan, wouldn’t you?……Prove to me I’m wrong…….

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 07/25/2010 - 11:28 am

    Anything that the FCC (an independent agency of the United States Government) is involved in sends up a big red flag to me and makes me really suspicious of having this so called safety system for first responders. The government is always up to no good and having Obama’s Chief Diversity Officer, Mark Lloyd (Communication Czar) for the FCC involved confirms my suspicions. I would be suspicious of this independent company that purchased this Block D spectrum that’s building a wireless infrastructure for the Internet Protocol. This just doesn’t sound good. But what are you gonna do? If the government is Hell Bent on spending more tax payer dollars, their gonna do it.

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