Do away with the middle man.  Deposite your vote here.

Do away with the middle man. Deposit your vote here.

Huge revelation right? Wrong! This situation was brought up leading up to the election and was dismissed by the Dems as just campaign hyperbole and rhetoric. Well, imagine that! Because of the actual physical locations of where a lot of military people are posted or stationed, the mail service from the USA can be slow at best. All US mail headed overseas must go through an APO or FPO (Army Post Office / Fleet Post Office) and that alone adds additional transit time to the mail, both ways. So mail going to and from the troops takes a while. How do I know this?  Because when I was stationed in the UK, it took at least 2 weeks to get anything from the States.  It is my opinion that the Dem campaign knew that fact and was counting on it. Well, they got their wish and a quarter of the overseas military troops ballots were not counted and I believe deliberately. Had this not happened, I believe the election could have gone differently. Who’s to know now? The Dems sure aren’t going to force the issue and make those votes get counted. And even if they were, there is no way in hell that if the results changed things, would be allowed to become relevant and force a change in the election. Just not going to happen. So the only thing we can do is force our Reps to enact changes that preclude this type of oversight and omission from ever happening again. The method must be one that is tamper or hacker proof and is fair in all respects. The military people, who by the way are predominantly conservative, must have a voice in our Governmental elections.

UPDATE 072410

UPDATED 100510

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 07/26/2010 - 10:35 am

    This is the kind of stuff that really ticks me off. Here our troops are fighting for people they have never met in a strange land risking life and limb for an administration and Americans that treats them like this. I don’t know man, these solders need to be brought home and a lot quicker than it takes for their mail to arrive. Like I have said before they should be home defending our borders. Let them show the drug cartels and illegals which side of the border they belong on. While they are at it they can round up all the rest of the illegal’s and terrorist. Put the ones that need some jail time in jail and boot the rest of out of the U.S.
    As far as getting the voting system cleaned up, voting poles for example, that’s an issue that really needs to be monitored a lot closer that it ever has. We have some very questionable people working the poles lately. We need to see some ID’s, proof of employment for the last twenty years if possible and criminal back ground check. Absentee ballot is not such a good idea either. We have never received the ones the Registrar of Voters said they sent us. So what happened to them? Who voted for us? Who voted against us canceling out our vote? This whole thing is bogus and I for one have never really had a lot of faith in it, seeing first hand how some things are done. I mean some of those places are as organized as a dog fight. We are putting a lot of faith in the people that run our voting system and I for one really have a hard time believing that all votes are accounted for. Not to mention extra votes coming out of places like Acorn that Obama so whole heartedly supported and other groups like Acorn that one never hears about. So how accurate is this voting system? As I’m one that likes to take an estimated guess on things, I would venture to say that 30% of the votes that are tallied up are bogus. What might be a good idea to try on some election, this November would be good, why don’t we have three voting times on the same ballots say three weeks apart, count them up separately with completely different groups of people and compare the totals? I mean what else do the American people have to do that is any more important than that? My guess is that these totals would have a big discrepancy between them. Something like this would really pull the rug out from underneath everyone and deflate all the faith we have left as Americans.

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