Before all you left winger-cool-aid drinking drones think about writing me any hate mail telling me that this is a 1st Amendment issue, you need to think again because you are patently WRONG.  It is nothing more than a zoning issue at best.   PERIOD.  This Radical Islamist who wants to build this monument to the terrorists success is no less in my book, a terrorist who is working at his own Jihad by building this Mosque.  This is so out of line, so insensitive to not only the 911 survivors, but the nation as a whole.  I am at a loss as to why Bloomberg would agree to it.  Has some money crossed his palms?  Hmmmm, I wonder.  He definitely is not acting in the best interests of the city by fueling this controversy.  In my opinion every elected official who has a hand in pushing this Mosque, must be punished at the polls, period….  New Yorkers, You all have my sympathies and I stand with you against this Mosque.  I wish there was something I could do other than post this.  Keep up the good fight.  We here in Washington State stand with you!!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 08/05/2010 - 4:17 pm

    You’ve heard the expression “Adding Insult to Injury”? Well, this goes much further than that. The proposed location of this Mosque is beyond being disrespectful to the American people and the families of all those who perished at the Twin Towers. The entire Muslim community is nothing but a bunch of Hateful, Vengeful, Disrespectful poor excuse for human beings and they are likened to the Germans that murdered all the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Oh, you say all Muslim’s are not the same? Well, a baby Rat is still a Rat. Groups like MANA are promoting to have entire Muslim communities here in America, which doesn’t sound like a good thing to me but what are you gonna do? America is a free country for people like this, but I don’t think that means free to antagonize Americans and create hatred among them. Any Muslim that considers themselves to be an American (which I doubt) and can’t see how disrespectful this is to America and won’t stand up against the disrespectful location of this Mosque, needs to get their stupid little “Magic Carpets” they pray on, get on the next plane and go home. When they get there they can continue antagonizing the rest of the Muslim/Islamic World just as their families have done for generations. They can continue to disrespect members of their own families (wives in particular) and will be back in their own environment, to build all the Mosques they want, just to be blown up by some other extremist group. Just as long as they leave America, I don’t care.
    Seeing as how Bloomberg is such a supporter of Obama (a Muslim), I would not be one bit surprised hearing that he is helping finance the construction of this Mosque. After all he is a billionaire and likes to throw his money around being a philanthropist and all. Back in 2008 he considered being a running mate with Obama so he has that politician mentality and can’t be trusted, especially when you consider how many political parties he has been registered with. I know he’s free to do that but he seems a bit confused especially when you consider the male/female sex harassment accusations against him. So where does his allegiance lie?
    What can be done about this new mosque? Well the first thing that comes to mind is having a constant huge presence of concerned citizens completely overwhelming and congesting the streets in that area every day, all day, until the construction of this Mosque is just a faint memory. I know this would be a huge sacrifice and may even lead to people being thrown in jail or beaten by the police but in reality there’s nothing else that would make a statement like a physical presence. We also need to look at the 9 people that make up this “Landmarks Preservation Commission” and see that they are replaced. They obviously have no feelings one way or another who is affected by the decisions they make. After all, trying to put the correct politicians in office is not the answer.
    These Muslims are nothing but trouble and teach hatred everywhere they go. Instead of being grateful that they have a country that accepts them and their religion (for all it’s worth), all they do is embolden their cause by antagonizing the American people. As far as I’m concerned the Muslim’s that won’t speak up against this new Mosque are just as bad as the one’s that want to create animosity here in America. Take a look at the Japanese for example, after they destroyed Pearl Harbor, then we knocked the crap out of them, they were pretty much taken to their knees and became permanent residents of America. As far as I can tell they have not caused any problems since then. So maybe we should have imprisoned all the Muslims after 9-11 like we did the Japanese, then gone over and bombed the crap out the Muslim World. BEING POLICALLY CORRECT RUINED ALL HOPES FOR AMERICA. The destruction of the Twin Towers was an Act of War just like Pearl Harbor and we should have acted accordingly. This was not the only attempt to destroy the Towers, so there was really no doubt this was deliberate and whom the culprits were.

    • #2 by conservativeamericanvet on 08/05/2010 - 4:19 pm

      Well Said!!!

  2. #3 by Rick L. on 08/19/2010 - 7:47 pm

    We’re not Shiria compliant? Is that what the Muslim world is saying? That’s why we’re so against the construction of their terrorist mosque? Let me tell you something, a baby Rat is still a Rat, so all the Muslims listen up. Your Barack Hussein Obama is a devout Muslim and he supports the construction of this mosque, so why don’t all of you get on your little Magic Carpets and fly home to where ever you came from. America is not for you, your belief or your terrorist religion. Go home and kill your wives and daughters. YEAH, that’s real intelligent. Muslim males are beyond being “Male Chauvinist Pigs”. They are likened to what? They are their own special breed of hate mongers. The Muslim faith is not a Religion; it’s more like a male dominated sadistic cult. The women are just too stupid to stand up to those idiots and if that’s what the Muslim world is about they have a lot to learn. At this point it appears that all Muslims are disrespectful and have no feelings one way another how it would affect all the families that were affected by the 9-11 Twin Tower attack or any attack on the Twin towers prior to 9-11. If any Muslim has any compassion to the American people they will go back to their homeland and continue terrorizing all the other terrorist groups they have been fighting with for the last few hundred years and don’t include us in their hatred for humanity.
    Just how do you think the Jewish community would react if the Germans constructed a monument right next to the ovens that exterminated 10’s of thousands of their ancestors and it had a huge swastika facing the ovens? Or how do you think the Japanese would feel if we constructed a huge replica of “Little Boy” and set in the lobby of one of our American banks in Hiroshima? My guess is that the Japanese would not take it too lightly and that would bring on WWIII. Hands downs, no questions, period. The American people are nothing but a bunch of scaredy cats and they are afraid of what the consequences would be from their government and what would their next door neighbors think. Not to mention what the lame stream media would report. OH YEAH, be Politically Correct, that’s the answer. Lets all fall into line just like good little communist do and be scared of the government. Sound too extreme? Got another solution? Continue letting Muslims run our government and embolden their cause? The construction of this Muslim Mosque has to be stopped by the American people no matter where they propose to build it. No Muslim Mosque period, anywhere.

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