These people are responsible for allowing ICE to degenerate into a dysfunctional politicized mess. Click the pic for the story

The Dems didn’t see this one coming did they?  This attached letter completely outlines how these 2 people have allowed ICE to be completely politicized, pushing for and advancing immigration reform, rather than enforcing the laws.  This is great news for conservatives and really bad news for the liberals who are pushing for amnesty at any cost.  Not to mention Obama must be livid over this revelation.   Yea Baby!!!!!!!  This is great news.  I applaud the ICE Agents who stepped up and did the right thing here.  They are patriots one and all!!      Click this link to read it for yourself  259-259-vote-no-confidence

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 08/13/2010 - 9:33 am

    A vote of “No Confidence” in leadership? This is a reflection of our President’s policy towards the immigration issue. Seeing as how Obama is the one that appointed this John Morton to Assistant Secretary for Immigration, how can anyone not be surprised of the further erosion of our immigration enforcement? We might as well get used to policies like this for a long time as long as Barrack Hussein Obama is appointing people like Elena Kagan, a life long headache for the American people.
    This ICE President Chris Crane might start looking for another job in the public sector as I feel his job security is pretty much gone after authoring a letter like this. Even though it’s pretty much 100% correct and he appears to have support from his co-workers it has no bearing on the out come of his job security. Let’s wait and see if the lame stream media follows up on this after “The Anointed One” and his administration have a talk with Mr. Crane.
    Who knows? Maybe reports like this will eventually have a positive outcome some day. The sooner we get this big spender and his wife out of the White House the better.

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