DEMOCRATS FOUGHT TO KEEP SLAVERY. Click the pic for the story..

As we march towards the November elections, the daily news being reported on the Democrat antics just keeps getting better.  I believe what we are witnessing here is the Democrat party eating their own dead and sacrificing anybody and anything to stay afloat.  Daily, sometimes hourly, we hear of some other huge gaff or other newsworthy event caused by some Democrat opening their moth and inserting their foot all the way up to the kneecap.  At this point, I am really enjoying what I see.  Lets see, lets take score here;   2 leading Dem Reps being charges with ethics violations (by a Dem run ethics committee, by the way), a Speaker of the house who happens to be the worst ever and has no compunction against stumping for her overtly corrupt cohorts, Democrats from both the House and the Senate are afraid to hold any Town Hall Meetings over summer break for fear of the Constituents backlash over the heath care bill being literally shoved down our throats in a manner that is highly unethical and UNDEMOCRATIC (remember, they literally locked the doors so the Republicans could not participate in the crafting of this horrendous and unconstitutional piece of lame legislations, yet the Republicans still tried to have their input.  But for all the GOPs efforts, they were branded by the left as “The party of no”), The Senate leaders own state (Nevada) has one of the, or the highest unemployment rates in the nation and he has the audacity to tell a local LV newspaper that he hope they go out of business (NOTE:  The NRA backs Harry Reid because he has helped build some shooting ranges and promoted the 2nd Amendment, however, this does not set well with the rank and file NRA members like myself.  Harry Reid is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is no longer worthy of being entrusted with our nations future.  He must go to make room for a true conservative).  Lets see, where was I?  Oh yea, the President totally politicized the gulf oil spill response, The head of DHS says our boarders are more secure now than ever, as FOX news has totally disproved by hidden camera video and testimony from Boarder Patrol Agents demonstrating irrefutably that thousands of illegals are entering the USA via the Mexican/USA border.  The President has admitted (and demonstrated)that he is a Muslim as recently as yesterday in his affirmation of the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero.  The reported underhanded arm-twisting of his “enforcer”, Rahm Emanuel, the questionable and extremist backgrounds of most of not all appointees in all branches.  To be honest, there is too much to mention because almost daily we are assaulted with some other major Democrat transgression on the Constitution, the Citizenry or an Ally of one sort or another.  It is simply unbelievable mind boggling the level of malice that seems to emanates from the Office of the President and the Democrats in Congress.  (Oh, left we forget FLOTUS trip to Spain and the Obama’s “Let them eat cake” attitude towards us “ordinary” folks.

There is a bright side, or a “silver lining” to this situation though.  America has awoke.  In this new age of almost instant communication, networking and ease of organization, we patriots were and are a very quick study.  We saw, and are now experiencing the effects of the Liberals using these tools to great advantage.  Well, we are doing the same, but much better and to a much better and Democratic end.  It is because we Patriots can organize and communicate, we are going to beat them at their own game.  And fortunately, the GOP and other like minded conservatives have been taking notes and keeping score.  Example and sites like this.  That is why the rhetoric from the Left has turned so nasty.  They have resorted to race-baiting, name calling, mud slinging and just plain lying simply because that is all they have left.  They have shot themselves in the foot so bad, they cannot even run on their accomplishments because over 70% of Americans are against what they have done to our nation.  They literally haven’t got a leg (or plank) to stand on.  It is so bad, or good, depending on how you want to see it, that the African Americans are even seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  They are beginning to realize the truth about the Democrat Party and its major players. (Al Sharptons, Jesse Jackson types)  They are now becoming aware that it was and IS the Democrat party that had and still wants them to be slaves dating back to civil war times.  It was the GOPers who pushed for their emancipation and freedoms to include the civil rights movement throughout the 50s and 60s.  Stop and think about it.  What is the Democrat message to the African-Americans and the rest of the minorities?  If you sift through the chaff, the message is loud and clear.  You are a victim racism and are being held back by “The man”.  So look to us, your saviors.  We will provide for you and give you sustenance. Provide shelter and educate your children.  We ask nothing in return, just your servitude and loyalty to us, your saviors, the Democratic Party.  (Funny how the Democrat party likes to call themselves “Democratic” when they are anything but…)  They demand your blind obedience so they can use you to push and forward their agenda.  And that agenda does not include a democratic form of government.  Anything but….Does this in fact still not make you slaves to the master?  Which in this case is the Democrat party?  Well huh?  Who are you serving?  Yourself?  I think not….  The GOP fought for the end of slavery and appreciates and understands the importance of everyone’s inclusion and success in the American Dream.  Do the research yourself. You’ll find the truth.

Now let us look at the GOP, The Grand Old Party.  In spite of what the left wants you to believe, the Democrats are all about big business and their money.  The GOP has been given a bad rap on that simply because they promote a pro-business, capitalistic system of governance that sees the importance of each and every word of our founding documents.  The GOP understands that in order for everyone to be free to pursue “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, people must not be burdened by a government that not only makes, but aspires to make everyone dependent on the government in order to exist.  That existence would be one where the government tells you how much money you can make, and live accordingly, rather that live according to your ideals and abilities, making as much or, conversely, as little as you want.  All according to what you want to do, nobody else.  Now granted there are many people out there who cannot work.  The true measure of a society is how it takes care of its needy.  I think we do a pretty good job, but we could do better.  And there are those who are lazy and choose not to work, for one reason or another.  Well, those people need to loose their “free ride” and learn the value of a dollar.  No more welfare for the countless “baby factories” out there.  GO TO WORK!!!

So with all this being said, I expect to get some “hate mail” on this posting.  However, it would behoove all to be articulate, civil, and form a good argument.  Otherwise my point will be well-made by you own liberal comments just as they did on my DOD Police authority posting.  LETS TAKE BACK THE AMERICA OUR FOUNDING FATHERS STARTED.  A REPUBLIC FULL OF PATRIOTS LIKE YOU!!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 08/19/2010 - 3:38 pm

    “Take back America” is easier said than done. Like I have mentioned before, our corrupt administration is imbedded into our government like a bunch of Alabama ticks. They are spread throughout every branch of state and federal agencies, special interest groups, banks, law enforcement and the list goes on and on. Although voting (for all its worth) this November and in any election, in our eyes we are voting for the lesser of two evils, it’s not gonna work. Seeing as how voting is our only option for having governing officials and the lure for power and corruption always attracts people like we have running our country, we’re pretty much stuck with a corrupt government no matter how one looks at it. One thing that really makes matters worse are the one’s that supported Barack, the mis-informed, the not informed, the illegal’s, or just because he was black, are the ones that are preyed upon at election time and are no help at all. Oh, you can’t forget the Muslims, Communists, Marxists, Progressives and the ones that just plain hate America that supported him. Also, thanks to all the politically correctness and easy entry into our country we also have terrorist cells here in America.. I don’t know man, when he was preaching “Fundamentally Change America” that should have been a heads up for everyone. Money is the Root of Evil and the government has plenty to spend. If they need more, all the have to do speed up the printing press and make more. I have to agree that the election of this Muslim we now have as president has done more damage to the huge debt, immigration, environmental and race problems our Nation faces today and the longer he is allowed to stay in office and continue signing everything that crosses his desk, the further we will get to losing what America stood for. Just like appointing Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. Her personal beliefs will continue to affect our judicial system for as long as she lives. It’s a scary thought to think she may live to be over a hundred years old and still be sitting behind the bench. Also we still haven’t seen all that’s in store for us as far as the new Health Care Reform. The American people will be adversely affected by this bill for decades to come and it won’t be just their health care that will be affected. My guess is it will affect totally unrelated things to health care, like communication of all types, gun control and law enforcement for starters.
    Oh Yeah, “Fundamentally Change America”. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm, Barack Hussein Obama. Indoctrination of America’s youth has been around for a long time. I mean just how do today’s teachers think that teaching some of the Communist/Marxist ideology, sex related subjects to younger students is OK in our education system? Some of these subjects should be for college level teaching where minds are not so apt to be influenced. The Socialist/Communist have been waiting for a long time for someone like Barack to be President and now that he is, well things are going to be difficult in the school systems for a long time as even the teachers have some warped idea on what should be taught to the American youth. And they have their nerve cryin all the time about how much money and benefits they should be getting. Most of them need to be thrown out on their ears.
    What this country needs is a complete overhaul and reduction of our government with a performance chart for each and every appointed official letting the American people know how well or bad they are doing. Once their performance drops off or leans towards Socialism, Communism or corruption, out they go. What the government has set up for themselves (pay, raises, bonuses, retirement, health care, special interest) will come to an immediate stop and they will be paid as public servants like they should be.
    With Barrack supporting the construction of the Mosque so close to ground zero just shows his total dis-respect of the American people. There is still no proof positive of his birth place and all things point to him being born in Kenya. He should be relieved of his appointment as Commander in Chief. He can then remove his little “Magic Carpet” from the prayer room, roll it up and go home.

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