ENVIRO-NAZI’S WIN BIG BY WAY OF OBAMA EXECUTIVE ORDER “Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes”


Yea, that’s right, Obama has effectively and completely given the government complete control over the entire spectrum of usage of these waterways, amounting to nothing less than a “water grab”.  In reviewing this Executive Order, the language is both broad and specific in such ways that the government can and will cut off all these waterways to any type of commercial use.  He handed these Enviro-Nazi’s a HUGE victory and us Americans have taken a huge hit to our liberties and abilities to make a living.  This is the type of crap that cannot be allowed to stand.  He did this because this type of legislation has never made it through Congress, so he very effectively took the legislative path out of the equation.  No vote, no debate, no oversight,….nothing!  He handed these waters and countless jobs over to these Enviro-Fascists.   In my observation, it is my opinion that this is just part of his plan to dismantle America and bring you and me to our knees, to the government.  To this I say HELL NO!!!!  I demand that the new, incoming Republican Congress do everything it can to bring this new agency to its knees!  One really glaring thing in this Executive Order really has me puzzled.  Why id the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism, a Co-Chair on this committee?  What does DHS have ANYTHING to do with this subject?  Huh?!?!?

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 08/25/2010 - 11:53 am

    This Executive Order obviously is for more government control. Not only is this “National Ocean Council” not needed but this will add to the financial burden of our economy. Let’s see, 27 government employees, that’s 3-5 million dollars in wages, retirement accounts and benefits every year, plus new buildings, office equipment, office supplies, utilities, upgrades, transportation/ moving fees not to mention insurance and increase of NOC staff in the future. Well at least Obama created 27 new jobs this year while thousands have lost their livelihood around the Gulf of Mexico. Not only did he create 27 new jobs but he will have a better excuse to raise the price of our petroleum products which in turn raises our taxes with this new order just like he promised. It’s surprising how Obama all of a sudden uses the Constitution to his advantage by signing this Executive Order and at other times ignores it completely.
    More control over our waterways is not going to set well with Sports Fisherman and people that enjoy all types of water sports. These people are in for a rude awakening when this NOC starts enforcing their new regulations, fees and taxes. Fearing the worst, I feel a big reason for this order is keep the public away from the Gulf of Mexico. This disaster is a lot worse than most of America knows. Not only are the surface currents saturated with oil but the deep water currents have been carrying heavy sludge up the east coast. You have seen how oil and water don’t mix until there is an agent introduced like Corexit (poison), like what was sprayed into the gulf (millions of gallons), well what you end up with is something like what you see in some salad dressings (corexit free by the way), a slow moving sludge. Well, that same type of sludge is what we have in the gulf and it’s affecting the currents. It’s killing the Gulf of Mexico and the government wants us out. The reality of this disaster will be hitting the American people when they see price increases in fish products and the unavailability of some especially in the Bayou States.
    When Obama makes statements like “No Ban on Fishing” you know as well as I do that’s an out right lie and I have a tendency to wonder just what other scheme he and his cronies are working on to destroy what America is about.
    This Muslim president we have in the White House will enforce an Executive Order to do what he wants and there isn’t anybody that can do anything about it. He knows it and he’ll do it. I wonder how many other Executive Orders he has put into effect behind closed doors? Some will say, well he can’t just enforce an Executive Order when ever he wants. Well he just did by creating this NOC to control the water ways. He has included the DHS to help with terrorism and natural disasters like what happened in Gulf of Mexico. I still have my suspicions on this disaster in the Gulf seeing as how George Soros (Obama’s Oil Man) has manipulated his investments in BP and Petrobus oil companies just prior to this disaster. Just like with the Kennedy assassinations, we’ll never know.
    It is curious though that Obama would include the DHS in this new NOC. Makes you wonder how he is getting away with not being investigated about his birth certificate, education and religious backgrounds.

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