She got her payback.....Now she will "LORD" over us and force her will on the American public for the rest of her life.......... Is this how the Republicans plan to take back American Government? Click the pic for further details

Well, she was confirmed today in a 63-37 vote with 5 GOP’ers voting in favor.  The five are Maine’s Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, Richard Lugar of Indiana, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  Not only did these 5 really not get it right, but the entire bunch of Senate Republicans let America down as a whole.  They allowed the Liberal/Marxist/Socialist agenda to advance by allowing this radical liberal to be confirmed, rather than do the right thing and filibuster her nomination.  I don’t think that these Republicans understand that they too, will be punished for not listening to the citizens and stop this liberal agenda at every opportunity and turn.  It is especially grievous that 5 actually voted in favor of her nomination.  These 5 MUST be soundly and resoundingly rebuked at the polls for being fence riding, wishy-washy, “can’t we all get along”, namby-pamby, limp-wristed, non-pricipled, wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Now with that being said..

Here is the real reason behind her nomination.  Remember the law-suits that were before the Supreme Court, suing for the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate?  Well check out who was the Solicitor General on these cases.  Hell of a pay-back huh??






http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles/09-724.htm *

http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles/09a381.htm *





UPDATED 082110

More documents refused to be entered by another Supreme Court “Clerk”

UPDATED 111211

As we have suspected all along, Kagan must recuse herself from any deliberations in the Supreme Court regarding OBAMACARE.  Will she?  Good question.  My guess is that she and other power mongers on the left will do everything they can to sidestep the law on this so she can provide the deciding vote on this issue.  We cannot allow this to happen.  If it does, sharpen your pencils and get to writing all your Reps.  Clog the phone lines and the fax lines.  We should be outraged if the LIbs try an end run on the law.  Click here for the new information.

UPDATED 111411

MORE INFO….Will the Honorable Justice Kagen do the honorable thing and recuse herself from this case?  Click here for more info.  ( I doubt it.  She, along with her Liberal/Progressive supporters will fight tooth and nail to keep her on the case, even though it is against the law to do.  You know how these “above the law” types are…)

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 08/06/2010 - 8:05 pm

    As if we don’t have enough narrow-minded people controlling our country, Barack nominates another one to a post with no term limit. Where does one begin with this anti-Constitution, anti-American Elena Kagan? First off, she likens the NRA to the KKK, and thinks the NRA is a “Bad Guy Organization” (I thought criminals were the bad guys)? Second, she wants to limit Freedom of Speech and the government will decide what will be allowed (What? this Elena is out of her mind). Third she thinks it OK for Gays to shower and dress with Heterosexuals in the Military and she thinks it’s OK for Gays to get married (this is an attack on the morals of America and the younger generation). Senator John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming was correct in saying Kagan simply chooses to ignore the law because of her strongly held personal beliefs. She’s smart like a Fox evading truthful answers to the 700 questions during her confirmation hearing. Along with a huge payback you can see why Obama nominated her to the U.S. Supreme Court, as she will tear the United States Constitution apart at every opportunity she gets starting with the First and Second Amendment. This vote from the Senate will also give the American people an idea of just how many Marxist’s Communist there are in the Senate. Elena Kagan obviously is more than just narrow-minded. That’s the least of her problems. She obviously needs a psychiatric evaluation.
    Everyone thinks she is so intellectual, well; I prefer she be in a think tank some where contemplating Einstein’s theory on the relativity of light to anti matter in black holes or something. That should keep her from destroying the Constitution and corrupting the judicial system.

  1. Kagan Has Received Her “Payoff” From B.O. and The Regime. « THE WAKING GIANT

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