1. #1 by Rick L. on 08/25/2010 - 6:31 pm

    Well of course, this really makes sense. Obama claims he is a devout Muslim, Wikipedia has him listed as a Christian, the Jewish community says he is America’s first Jewish president, his wife says Kenya is his homeland and we all know what a deceiving liar Obama is. He has spent huge sums of money hiding his non existent birth certificate for the United States. Then you have George Soros an Atheist who was a huge financial supporter for Obama during his campaign and was paid back by the Obama administration for his support through a $811 million investment in one of George Soros investment funds for oil exploration in Brazil. Now we have this man made (terrorist?) disaster in the Gulf that will have a big impact on the American economy and livelihood of thousands of families. George Soros has allegiance to no one but himself, he is anti-American and thrives on destroying the economy of countries and leaves disaster in his wake. He has just recently sold billions in U.S. stock investments (this is not good). This leaves me very suspicious of Obama, especially seeing him bow down to other world leaders and his support of the Muslim Mosque at ground zero. One also has to consider his peers and denial of them, especially anti-American ones. So of course one could make the case that Obama is a Saudi Muslim plant via the Builderbergs, Rothchild and Warburg families, seeing as how these families want a New World Order with one Government and one world currency. There has to be another organization like the Tri-Lateral Commission binding the Muslim World with the Builderbergs and Rothchilds Families. This has to be.
    It’s not just a coincidence that we have a Muslim/Jew/Christian that’s so connected with Muslims he recites the Curran like it’s his first language and refuses to salute the American Flag or wear one on his lapel and he bows down to other world leaders. There is something drastically wrong with this entire Obama administration and the threats have to be very severe to those who don’t comply. Just how is it that (unless they are the same) no one speaks up against this Terrorist Regime that’s running our government?
    At the end of this Executive Order, Sec. 10 Revocation, it states that Executive Order 13366 of December 17, 2004 is hereby revoked. What is this? Can this Executive order be revoked by the next President or the next President after that? What kind of fools games are these people playing with our country and the American people? This isn’t Constitutional, this is Treason. Playing games with the Constitution and the Law is Treason in my book and these people need to be found out. Not by people like Elena Kagan either. She’s on the Obama Posse List and can’t be trusted, along with anybody else that has any association with Obama or his name. It would be like being on jury duty, where it’s like going to a lying contest.

  2. #2 by Denise Jackson on 10/23/2013 - 6:18 pm

    Mark, how come no radio host ever bring up the ACt of 1871. You know. the one that stole America. Or do you even know about the Act of 1871? That Act took the United Satates for America and changed it to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Why is so hard to get people to think? The Act of 1871 also only has power within the District of Columbia. It seems to me it would be the perfect law suit for this country it this time.. It would read:
    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. We the people of The United States for America.

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