Before all you liberals blow a gasket over this post, I am aware of the political climate at the time of Katrina so don’t send hate mail.  I will not read it.  Never the less, this is what over-zealous law enforcement does to the law-abiding.  Keep a close eye on your local law enforcement and what the political leanings are of the elected officials who control them.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 09/07/2010 - 12:53 pm

    Per my comment on 8-27-10 @7:47 P.M. concerning the EPA and lead content bullets, it appears that my assumptions were wrong about an Executive Order. The government and the Law Enforcement can turn on the American people just like in Communist China and confiscate any and all weapons at will with or without any bogus Executive Order. They will brutalize any citizen and cause bodily harm to all whom they see needs a beating. It would appear by this video that we have good cops and bad cops, either that or they just don’t know anything about upholding the law and the Constitution. The people that had their guns confiscated and interviewed in this video were not violating any laws and had their constitutional rights violated. Just like Fascist Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. in Virginia said “This aint America No Mo” while confronting a sign carrier. This is a good example of what kind of law enforcement we have to look out for. All the while, criminals, hate groups, terrorist and illegal’s can do as they please ie; New Black Panthers and the ones that killed the New Mexico Rancher Robert Krentz.
    So what’s a law abiding person to do when they are confronted by the Law Enforcement that wants to take away your weapons at gun point? No, Really! Sure we all say, “Well, their not taking my guns away” but what’s that gonna get you except shot or beaten up by some ignorant officer that think he’s doing his job like the ones in this video. They should know the constitution or at least the first two amendments, but they don’t. One of these days these ignorant Fascist Law Enforcers are going to try and take away weapons from someone that’s gonna shoot first and repeat the Second Amendment second. It’s just a matter of time.

    • #2 by conservativeamericanvet on 09/07/2010 - 4:46 pm

      We need more people to sign up for “Oath Keepers”. That would help….

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