Now that the mid-term primaries are concluded, we can begin to size up the political situation as a whole as it relates to the up coming general election in November. By that I mean; how is the “Tea-Party” movement being perceived by the firmly entrenched political hacks that inhabit and infest all branches of our government?  For the sake of argument, I will concentrate on Congress first because it will be the first institution to get a “shake-up”.

I have written in previous articles my perception of how business in the houses of Congress gets accomplished, and up until this point in time, I didn’t think it was possible for the American Citizen to really effect any real, meaningful change in the real, back of the house, behind closed doors, dealings that makes up the “business as usual” goings on, in Congress.  Up until 2008, the American voter really didn’t have an inkling as to how our elected reps went about “The Peoples Business”.  These Congressmen and Senators went about their biz, making all sorts of deals, saying whatever was politically expedient, thinking all the while no one will be the wiser.  In generations past, that paradigm was true.  Today however, it is not, and that I believe is simply because of the internet and cable news.  In times past we voters relied on the mainstream media and the candidates themselves to feed us information.  Fortunately for us, now we have untold sources of good, reliable, credible information that allows us to make an “informed” choice at the polls.  With all this being said, I can’t help but believe that the members on BOTH sides of the aisle are pissed at Obama.  I say this because if not for his agenda and his “Chicago Style” way of doing business, the ire of the American Public would not have been raised and nobody would have to be running for political cover today.  It seems to me that the deeply entrenched, long time, career politicians are especially peeved because this “movement” is aimed directly at them and the crosshairs are not going to move.  All members of Congress are under extreme scrutiny and each vote, each campaign contribution, each speech, each association and each earmark is being scrutinized by an ever increasingly angry voter who is sick and tired of these types selling off America, basically to the highest bidder.  It has to stop, and stop now.  Those politicians who seem to be having a “Come to Jesus” moment now, simply because of the impending election and they see their chances of re-election going south is a big way, must go,  both Republican, Democrat and Independent, for that matter.  IF we are going to save our national identity, sovereignty and values, our congress must be reformed BACK into what our Founding Fathers intended.  Hence, out of patriotism and necessity, The Tea-Party was born…

It’s been a little while since The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, described the Tea Party movement as “Astro-Turf”, being funded by big money special interest corporations and PAC groups whom, in the end will be short-lived.  Now that the primaries are all over, that sentiment has disappeared and the Tea Party has proven it is for real and a force to be reckoned with, the Politicians are now sitting up and taking notice and are taking stock of their individual political situations.  The writing is on the wall for all to see and it is as plain as day.  The American voter is completely fed up with the “business as usual” Washington DC mentality and antics, and they are going to change it.  How that change is going to happen I think pretty much depends on how the politicians react to this wave of “fundamental change” (not the kind Obama had in mind), headed their way.  If these politicians are true patriots, they will jump onboard this movement and do the right things that will lead to America recapturing all it has lost due to the corrupt behavior of the out of control politicians.  This is going to be a Herculean job that cannot and will not be able to be accomplished in a brief amount of time.  Some of the damage is so egregious it could take decades to rectify. But fix we must, knowing full well that some decisions will be difficult but necessary if the Republic is going to survive.

Since the Conservative win in Delaware, people have been telling me that O’Donnell will lose and the Tea Party has made a fatal blunder for the Senate.  To that I say “Nuts”….  My thoughts are this;  She is a dyed in the wool conservative, as opposed to the dyed in the wool Socialist/Liberal/Progressive she is running against.  Without a doubt, if her opponent is elected, he will fully support the Obama agenda, whereas O’Donnell will be the dissenting vote.  This is a given.  Is she rough around the edges and needs a little polish?  Yes.  But what do you expect from an ordinary citizen who is standing up, trying to take on the polished Harvard/Yale slick lawyer-Politician types?  She is the exact model of  what our Founding Fathers had intended to run for office and represent the people.  Someone who is “Of The People”..  Are we so “conditioned” that we will only support and vote for the “political models” that have been trotted out for our approval in all the years past?  If this is true, we are truly pathetic and deserve to lose our freedom.  I urge all to send her campaign money and I urge the GOP to back her to the hilt and do everything possible to polish her up and get her up to speed with her campaign.  This is America.  We need people like her that will stand up and just say NO to the socialist agenda.  Lets all help send her to Washington to shake up the joint!!!!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 09/23/2010 - 3:49 pm

    People say Christine O’ Donnell has no experience to be running for U.S. Senate. How is that any different than Obama running for and getting elected as President? Obama’s experience is in corruption along side people like Bill Ayers, Tony Rezco and supporting groups like Acorn and SEIU, then lie about any association with them. The Lame Stream Media will not let up on Christine just like with Sarah Palin, so she had better develop a real thick skin as she’s gonna need it the closer it gets to election time. The people in Delaware should support her 100% if they are against what direction the Obama Administration has taken this country.

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