This is how this idiot acts with a minuscule bit of authority?!?!?  Imagine what she would be like if she wielded real power?  The citizens of Vancouver Washington should demand her recall, removal or whatever it takes to get her off the City Council.  She is a disgrace and the City Council as a whole acts in a very arrogant manner and needs a wake-up call….


I have just viewed the video of the Vancouver City Council meeting in which Council Woman Jeanne Harris apparently lost all sence of professionalism and decorum and acted in a very disrespectful manner towards the many citizens who were attempting to give testimony.  I was struck by the level of, or should I say the lack there of, respect she displayed towards the citizens of Vancouver, and I must say, I was disappointed in your behavior as well.  The citizens of Vancouver just put you in office, hoping that you would lend a higher level of decency, understanding and co-operation with the public than in the past administration.  I was totally disappointed in your behavior at this meeting as you continually allowed Council Woman Harris to browbeat the speakers and talk to them in the most discourteous, disrespectful manner.  As the Mayor, you have a responsibility to maintain civility in that meeting and you failed.  You allowed Harris to continue her belligerent behavior at the expense of those who put you in office.  That is intolerable and disgraceful.  While I cannot vote in Vancouver elections, I know many who do who also have the same opinion I do.  It is most likely, you will not get their votes come your next election unless you take steps to ensure that this conduct and contempt is never again displayed to the voting public.  Did the voters make a bad decision last election?  Maybe…..




You Go Lars!!

  1. #1 by lewwaters on 09/30/2010 - 8:54 pm

    For an update, the ethics panel met this afternoon and formed their decision, a reprimand and removal from boards she sits on and represents the council. The current policy does not address her outrageous behavior towards citizens.

    This video will still be around to remind voters of her ongoing conduct on the council when she is up for reelection in 2013, unless we are lucky enough that she resigns.

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 10/06/2010 - 4:14 pm

    It appears to me that Jeanne Harris is getting too big for her britches. She definitely needs to be taken down a few notches just to let her know that her “Bad Attitude” is not welcome at council meetings. I have to commend the citizens for keeping their cool while Jeanne acted like some sort of a prison warden or executioner. I’ll tell Ya, she would not have gotten away with that attitude with me. She would have been shouted down and the council meeting would have been canceled for the night. It’s a two way street, and she’s an elected official working for me, if she or anyone else thinks they have authority over me, they had better check the Constitution of the United States.

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