Uh Oh, They're on to us.....

As we have all been witness to since the Dems took control of the Executive and Legislative Branches since the 08 elections, politics has sunk to a new low in the Democrat controlled government.  We have seen the Dems literally lock the GOP out of debates, We have seen what the Dems call “transparency”, which translated means; The Dems have passed Bills in the dead of night so there was no opposition and no one watching with no one reading the Bills nor was the public allowed to read them as Obama said he would ensure.  There has been a  “Chicago Style”  of politics practiced as strong arm thuggery has been reported, not to mention the most likely threats of blackmail that we don’t know of….yet…  The Executive Office has released his thugs and goons on all dissenting voices who dare oppose his agenda.  Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.  The Executive Office as with the Dems in Congress,  have blatantly and with malicious intent, made a mockery of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence by desecrating the inviolate tenets of these foundational documents.  Apparently since taking office, the “Progressives” as they like to be called, have believed that they are above the rule of law and these documents were merely,..  suggestions, not to be a major factor in governing this nation.

Well, I guess they forgot about one very important factor in this whole equation; YOU, the American Voter.  They didn’t give you any credit for giving a damn (as long as you got your entitlement program) and wouldn’t give a hoot about that ol’ Constitution and stuff like that..  They didn’t think you have the mental capacity to figure out what they were doing behind your back, not to mention getting pissed about it.  They failed to realize that they were awakening and enraging the American Public.  Obama and the Progressives who tied their wagon to his star, has done all of us a HUGE favor.  The curtain has been pulled back on their agenda and the dirty Washington politics.  Be sure though, the GOP cannot be happy either because there are those in that party who are just as guilty.  The jig is up in DC and the American Public now knows much more that either side wanted.  The bright light of truth has shone upon the dark, back hallway dealing that goes on in DC and Capitol Hill.  We The People, now demand a return to a Constitutional Government, and those who do not support that, will find themselves out of office, on both sides of the aisle.  The Subpoenas are on the way….

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