Well if you ask me, let history be our guide on this question.  From ACORN to The Black Panthers, a politicized DOJ, George Soros, GE, Hanging Chads, Ineligible military votes, SEIU, Teamsters, (other) Unions, Voting booth problems, and on and on and on, how do you think things are going to go? Especially is close races where the count can be easily “manipulated.  Remember Franken?  One thing is for sure.  This 2010 mid-term election will be historic and memorable on many levels.  Let us pray that justice and fairness will prevail and good will triumph over evil.  Let us all continue to work as hard as we can for the Conservative candidates.  They need our help right up to the end.  Don’t lose sight of the finish line.  We are not there yet, don’t stop now!!,0,6367587.htmlstory

  1. #1 by jj Camp on 10/07/2010 - 6:16 pm

    Billionaire George Soros, along with the SEIU and others, founded the Secretary of State Project (or SOS) ”to provide an easy-to-use, low-cost vehicle for online donations to reform-minded Secretary of State candidates and incumbents in key close states.

    The Secretary of State is the chief elections official in each state, so he/she is responsible for the conduct of elections and establishment of election day rules. A position and role mostly unknown by the majority of citizens in this country before the 2000 election.
    Someone of great wealth recognized the power of the Secretaries of State. The power to ultimately decide, perhaps by manipulating and interpreting state election law partisanly, to place their chosen candidate into office.

    In the last five years of its existence, the SOS Project has been successful in getting nine out of 11 “progressive” secretaries of state elected. This includes Minnesota’s Mark Ritchie who oversaw the 2008-09 ballot recount* between Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman. [Here are the races Soros’ SOS Project is active in for November.]

    * In July 2010, an 18-month study by Minnesota Majority determined that at least 341 convicted felons in largely Democratic Minneapolis-St. Paul voted illegally. Franken beat Coleman by 312 votes. Claims that Franken, Soros and Ritchie stole the election have been ignored
    The SEIU’s Shenanigans
    Over the past few months, as Democrats and their union bosses have seen their mid-term election prospects dim significantly, there have been separate incidents involving what appears to be a manipulation of the electoral system occurring all over the country that all have one common denominator—they involve persons connected to the SEIU.

    In Milwaukee, a SEIU lobbyist was recently caught on tape allegedly stating that the union and Democrat officials were planning an attack on the Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker and that the local media would be “willing partners.”
    In Washington state, an employee of the SEIU was arrested for submitting allegedly forged signatures for the SEIU’s “tax the rich” ballot initiative (I-1098).
    In Houston, an investigation revealed that 23,207 of the 25,000 voter registrations submitted by a voter registration group headed by a SEIU employee were invalid. Three days after Harris County Registrar issued a press release stating that the integrity of Harris County, TX voter rolls appeared to be under an “organized and systematic attack” a mysterious fire broke out in the building where Harris County’s voting machines were held, destroying nearly all of them. The cause of the fire is still under investigation

    The Fake ID Industry. Both inside and outside the U.S. are underground businesses that supply false identifications to people, mostly illegal immigrants. In fact, a quick search of the internet reveals a number of websites (several outside the U.S.) where people can order fake IDs. There is even one website that provides a review of other fake ID websites. With enough money, anyone can have more fake IDs than Jason Bourne. With fake ID in hand, any illegal immigrant is automatically employable in the United States, as California’s gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has discovered

    In August, the SEIU and California Teachers Association announced a voter registration drive that raised little attention when it was announced, but requires a closer look [emphasis added]:
    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California, the California Teachers Association (CTA) and Latino leaders announced a major statewide marketing campaign, “Por Nuestras Familias – Todos a Votar!,” aiming to register thousands of new Latino voters and boost November’s Latino election turnout by signing up Latinos as new, permanent absentee (PAV) voters

    The campaign will provide non-registered Latino voters the tools they need to vote and generate motivation among all Latino constituents through a permanent absentee application drive. This week, in many states across the U.S. early voting begins. This means that ballots may be being sent in from persons who have no legal right to vote, but who are voting anyway.
    Illegal Immigrants.

    As we saw in 2008 with ACORN, registering to vote in most states is extraordinarily easy. So easy, in fact, that if someone who wasn’t in this country legally, but had a fake ID and wanted to register to vote, they could do so without difficulty in nearly every state. In most states, all one needs is a photo ID. In some states, if persons wanted to vote on election day, but didn’t have ID, all they would need is someone to vouch for them at the polls.
    In a very informal sample survey done in the last 24 hours of people in different states across the country who were asked to call their nearest registrar’s office to ask what is needed in the form of ID, the results were rather frightening. Here are just a few:

    From Ohio:
    According to “Lynn” at the County Board of Elections you need one of the following to vote:
    Valid Oh driver’s license, OH ID card, military ID card, govt. ID c ard, bank statement, government check or utility bill. In other words, no picture ID required.

    From North Carolina:
    I asked what was necessary (what type of ID) to register to vote. I didn’t specifically ask if they “verify” ID. Here is what I was told. You need a form of ID with your address on it. It can be a driver’s license or utility bill. I asked if a photo ID was required and was told it was preferred, but she didn’t think it was required.

    From Illinois:
    In Illinois, voter registrars are SUPPOSED to request 2 pieces of identification from the potential voter including at least 1 with their address. There is no check for citizenship other than asking the voter if they are a citizen. That leaves the onus upon the person doing the registration. Since most labor unions can automatically acquire registrar status, this doesn’t help much.

    From Pennsylvania:
    Have a stack of PA mail-in voter registration forms in front of me – no ID verification, notarization, anything, except for the usual warnings about penalty of perjury, etc.
    Also, the county elections office handed 100 or so of them to me, like they were candy.

    From Minnesota:
    MN Driver’s license or learners permit
    Tribal ID
    Or better yet, an employee of a statutorially defined ‘residential facility’ (such as a nursing home, battered women’s shelter, etc) can vouch for an unlimited number of residents. Gory details here:
    And you’re just gonna love this one: Voter Voucher: Voucher by another voter of the same precinct — may vouch for a limit of 15 voters – oath of a pre-registered voter in the same precinct or of a voter who registers in the same precinct on election day with one of the other authorized proofs of residence. A voter who is vouched for cannot vouch for another voter.
    Yep, you read that right. In the state of MN, I can walk into the polling place on Election Day, register to vote, bring along 15 of my friends and as long as I ‘vouch’ for them being legal residents, they are allowed to vote.

    From Wisconsin:
    Voters register at the Secretary of State’s Office or City Clerk which is where they provide documentation that they are able to vote. They are then put in the Poll Books.
    When someone comes in to vote, they must show a Photo I.D. If they do not have a photo I.D. (driver’s license; State I.D. Card), they must sign an affidavit that they do not have a photo I.D. and are then allowed to vote.

    From California:
    I just took the GOP poll watcher course. No ID is required in CA to register to vote. No ID is required in CA when you appear at the polls to vote (I tested this myself last time in the primary) I did not offer an ID and none was requested of me before I got my ballot. No ID required indeed.
    Every political office (like campaigns) in CA has hundreds of voter registration forms about. Fill one out and mail it in and you are good to go.
    Just by the responses from the above informal sampling, it would appear that, in most cases, if someone has a photo ID—real or not—almost anyone can register to vote

    Unfortunately, there is little that can be done other for average Americans to work harder to get more people to the polls on November 2nd. And, if any fraud is discovered, with George Soros’ secretaries of state in office, in certain states, it is questionable whether anything will come of it.
    As a result, if Americans don’t get more people to the polls, it is suspected that candidates will lose races where, right now, the poll numbers appear to have them leading.
    As we’ve been saying for months, November’s election outcome will be dependent on voter turnout. The unions and their allies have had their plans in place for months. There is less than a month to go.

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 10/07/2010 - 7:18 pm

    Sure, voter fraud is the norm in today’s political arena. It falls right in there with dis-honest politicians, special interest groups and corrupt groups that are supported by President Obama, like Acorn for example. Like I have mentioned before, absentee ballots and voting poles are a joke. On the last voting pole we went to it was like going into a Acorn office. Need I say any more? Or should I spell it out? I felt extremely uneasy leaving my ballot there. Something that is new to this area. I’m usually not this paranoid, but seeing as how we never received our absentee ballots last time and we still have not received this Novembers ballots, just where are they? Who has intercepted them? Who voted for me? The Acorn groups have split into numerous other corrupt groups and now that the majority of the black community and the illegal’s have someone to vote for, you can bet your last dollar that corruption will be worse than ever. Of course the Registrar of Voters will deny any wrong doing, as they will be mostly run by a corrupt group of Socialist.

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