Since the days when the “cold war” actually started, the battle between good (Democracy) and evil (Communism/Socialism) has taken many forms.  At the onset of the clash of ideals, the main weapon of choice was propaganda and rhetoric.  The level of distrust of all parties involved evolved into acute paranoia that in turn created the need for spying on the adversaries.  This spying was accomplished by any and all means possible that could be conceived, taking advantage of any perceived weakness or chink in the armor on the “enemies” part.  After WWII, the United States and Russia parted ways and the Soviet Union returned to the hard Socialistic/Communistic ideology under the leadership of Joseph Stalin.   Under Stalin’s rule, millions of people were “sacrificed” for the state, all for the good of all.  Under the Socialist/Communist banner, people are nothing more than fodder to be used and abused to do whatever it takes to promote and build the state.  Individual rights are trumped by the needs of the “many”.  This is a major divergence of Democracy and Socialism.  However, in the years since, the socialists, or “Progressives” as they have now re-branded themselves, have been working diligently at chipping away at our ideals and democracy here in the United States.  This is a major objective of these operatives.  Where are these people?  They are all over, everywhere.  They have infiltrated all levels of our government and society, covered by the political correctness that we have basically all been forced to abide by.  Call them what they (The Dems) are, socialist, and they get all in a huff.  Yet the “One Nation Rally” was full of them holding signs that said exactly what they are.  SOCIALISTS.

We now find ourselves in a battle for the salvation for our Republic.  The socialists that we have ignored have succeeded in getting key people in key positions that allows them to further their agenda while systematically tearing down all democratic ideals and agendas all the while.  They have managed to install liberal minded Officers of the Courts at all levels of the Judiciary System, all the while our elected officials allowed it to happen by rubber-stamping judicial appointments by the Liberals who happen to be in the Oval Office. As recently as the Kagen nomination to the Supreme Court, these people are still being allowed on the bench.

It is of the utmost importance that our younger generation understands and grasps what our Republic stands for and how the “Progressives” over all these years have been working to tear it asunder, piece by piece.  All us older Patriots must take every opportunity to mentor these young people and teach them the importance of standing up for democracy and the ideals that this great Republic were founded on.   Attached is an article that expounds on this subject.  Please pick up the torch and run with it.  Our nation can’t stand much more of this subversion before we pass the point of no return and all will be lost.

  1. #1 by Houston Divorce Lawyer on 10/11/2010 - 6:44 pm

    You made an effective parallelism between the propaganda of communist times and the propaganda of today. Although I don’t agree that liberals are communists I do think that in the past few generations our country as a whole has been more ‘for the good of all’ then they have ever been. Is it a push towards socialism or is it some type of combination of that and something else? Whatever it is, it is definitely not what our country was founded on.

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 10/15/2010 - 10:23 am

    Turning this country around from political correctness is an issue that should be pursued no matter how much people don’t like calling it like it is, and stop sugar coating the breakdown of the morals of the American people, especially the younger generation. All those damn Yuppies and their BMW’s and Volvos aren’t helping either. It’s Communist like President Obama that want to call “Terrorist”, Isolated Extremist that will still lead people to think being politically correct is OK. Maybe that means something to him in his Muslim world, but to me, he’s the Isolated Extremist. He is a very bad influence on the younger generation and he should be stopped from going around to grade schools and indoctrinating them with his ideology. The more he is allowed to do what he is doing, the worse it will be for America.
    Socialism/Communism is running rampid in America, you can tell by the amount people that still believe in and support Obama ie: George Soros, Andy Stearn, Reverend Whright, Van Jones, Louis Farrakhan and this list goes on and on. It’s spread out further than one might think, like the entire Obama Administration for example. Oh sure, they look so Diplomatic and professional all dressed up in their fancy suites, but they are still Progressive Communist and no body can convince me of anything different.
    Communist, Marxist, Socialist, Progressives, Liberals, Extremist, as far as I’m concerned they all have fallen off the same tree and have no place in America and President Obama is included. Sure, it’s a free country, but the line of being free should have been drawn somewhere before all of these radical Religions, Communist Regimes and Lawlessness took over.

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