To be as succinct as possible, the cutting of the F22 funding is going to bite us in the ass because this airframe is needed to replace the F15 platform that is now getting pretty long in the tooth.  The F15 is still the most lethal fighter/interceptor being deployed by the USA, next to the F22, however, as the fleet continues to age, the airframes are reaching the end of their life expectancy/cycle, they must be retired.  Without the full fleet of F22’s, we will have a huge hole in our line of defenses.  The F35 was developed in an effort to cut costs by providing an airframe that all 3 fighter communities (Air Force-Marines-Navy) can use, with some modifications unique to each service.

Obama’s Democrat Lap Dogs have made a huge error here.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 10/20/2010 - 8:42 pm

    Yeah this is pretty cool stuff having hi-tech jets hovering in the air like some UFO and land in some designated small square but it just can’t beat a Stealth Bomber and the Drones. In reality that’s all we need plus a few well placed devastating catastrophic bombs that will be the end-all just like in Hiroshima. Dog fights like they had in WWII are a joke in today’s technology, so coasting around and doing some sort of fancy maneuvers is fun to watch but when it comes down to actually destroying another country, well, that kind of stuff will be so chaotic and heads will be spinning so fast the only thing we can hope for (for all its worth) is that one would be far enough away from any target that we’ll have a few seconds to say good bye. My opinion is, we really don’t need to waste any more money on high tech jets as the US is ahead of the rest and we’re selling our old stuff to countries that want to keep up with the Jones’s. There is no way in Hell do I agree with Muslim Obama, but there are better ways to deal with Terrorist Countries like we should have done after 9-11. I might add that being politically and asking for permission to take out someone that has me in their sights is BS. If the UN doesn’t like it, well, their not filling out my check so they better suck it up. It’s not their pansy ass that’s on the line.

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