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Yea, I know you’ve heard all the conservative media throw in their 2 cents worth on this issue, calling for the de-funding of NPR and the firing of those responsible for this decision.  So I won’t bore you with re-posting that info.  What I am posting is a very good article I came across on this subject that points out another, not yet mentioned point of view on this.  It is a great read and it is from “The American Thinker” web site.  Give it a read by clicking the picture of Juan.


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 10/23/2010 - 2:43 pm

    Juan Williams is not someone I usually agree with. It’s unfortunate he has lost his job over saying what he thinks, but the NPR organization is racist. Juan, being as smart as he is should have realized that, but maybe he thought he was special being picked to work for these people. Hopefully this will be a life changing event for Juan and he will see that his Liberal attitude has to go. I have a tendency to think (or just wishful thinking) he would find he will have more people that agree with him if he would change his ways. I do agree with his comment about Muslims, as one never knows which ones can be trusted seeing as it appears there are very few of them that will speak up against the construction of their Mosque at ground zero. So what are they afraid of? One should try to not stereo type a particular group or race but “A Baby Rat is still a Rat” as far as I’m concerned. So if one feels uncomfortable about being around a bunch of questionable religious fanatics standing around praying before they board an aircraft, you have the choice to leave and don’t even think about being Politically Correct about your opinion, just say what’s bothering you. If they don’t like it, they ought to take the next flight back to their homeland where their behavior is accepted as the norm.
    I would venture to say that the NPR will not have a problem getting funding for their cause with people like George Soros around. So to stop public funding for NPR will allow more public funding for groups like Acorn. It would look good on the surface, but that money will be just as destructive, possibly more so with the elections and all.

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