The thought a new Security Force under the auspices of the Federal Government including DHS, sends a chill down my spine.  In the aftermath of 911, The Department of Homeland Security was born.  Its birth was felt necessary in order to protect the “Homeland” from further terrorist attack.  Along with the formation of DHS, the Patriot Act was formulated and approved through Congress that gave the DHS unparalleled scope and authority.  This Act also expanded the rolls of the State, local, and other federal agencies.  “Fusion Centers” were established in each state, purpose being, an information gathering and dissemination point for that particular states law enforcement agencies where information being down-channeled via the DHS communications systems can get to all appropriate agencies so as to aid in the coordinated response to any perceived “threats” identified by DHS.  I would assume also that any changes to local threat assessments would conversely be up-channeled to DHS from these Centers.


In the years since the Patriot Act has been enacted, there has been some rather startling revelations as to how much authority these various law enforcement agencies have been given,  Now let me be perfectly clear here.  I am all in favor of taking whatever action is necessary in order to avert any future terrorist attacks on US soil and bringing those responsible to justice, however, in the spirit of Democracy, and in the interest in preserving the “citizens” rights, as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights , I believe that the patriot act is in need of some serious revisions and should be revisited. Now notice I said “citizens”.  People who are not US citizens should expect a higher level of scrutiny and a lower threshold of limits on government investigation into their affairs.  However, all measures should be taken to ensure that these people are not mistreated, or unduly abused.  The Patriot Act needs to be revised, paying particular attention to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Now with all this being said, do we really want a new civilian security force created with undoubtedly, power and authority we really do not know the true scope and authority of?    Not to mention the fact that service would be compulsory for all persons ages 18-42 years, how is the formation of an apparent new “Brown-Shirt” security force, going to be good for our Republic and Democracy?  Simply put, it’s not.. Some people may believe that this “draft” or plan for “conscription” or “Draft” is unconstitutional, but I am not aware of anything in the Constitution that prohibits conscription, in fact Section 8 directly addresses the authority of Congress “to raise and support armies” (sic) and Section 3 of the Military Selective Service Act will be amended to include females and other such “tweaks” to the Act will be done as indicated in the HR to make sure all the bases are covered.  So I am sure that Congress has the needed authority to form whatever army it needs to provide for the common defense of this country.  However, Section 8 also stated that funding may not exceed 2 years so the term of service would be for a 2 year period for each individual man and women conscripted/drafted into service.

In my opinion, this Security Force will act as another repressive arm of the socialist agenda, all under the guise of National Security and service.  Hmmm, I wonder if this force could be used by the EPA to rout out all us evil polluters and bring them/us all to justice? (All in the name of saving good ol’ mother earth, don’t cha know…)

One last thought.  If the draft is re-instated, why would the DOD keep the current pay rates for the various ranks?   When the draft was in place last time, the pay in the military was not very good.  The only reason pay was increased to its current rate was simply because of the need for people to “volunteer” for service.  Nobody is going to volunteer to take a job with a less than adequate pay rate.  But, if the volunteer military is done away with, there is no longer any need for the higher pay rates AND the DOD’s budget will be lessened accordingly.  I am sure that this is part of the overall equation on this issue.  Reduce the federal budget…..  The military will take a huge, and in my opinion, detrimental hit because of this Act.  Overall, HR 5741 is a bad idea on many levels and should not come to fruition.  It smacks of socialistic overtones and would be too prone to abuse.  In a word…..NO, Plus this is a Democrat sponsored Bill, by our old buddy Rep.Charlie Rangle (D-NY), who by the way is under investigation for ethics violations……

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