As my long time readers will know, Brian Baird has been anything but truthful to this writer in the past as demonstrated by his replies, or lack there of,  to the many letters I have written to him in over the course of publishing this web page.  I have written him on numerous occasions, expressing my concerns regarding the many important issues that have been at the forefront of our collective consciousness since Obama took office.  If you search for his replies on this site, you will find very very few actual, for real replies.  Most were just an auto-reply generated by his web site, and no “real”, direct answer back was ever received on most.  I did get a couple of replies back from his office that directly addressed my concerns.  But like I said, they were few and very far between.

So I guess now that is “water under the bridge”.  His party has passed the majority of Obamas’ agenda, with no help from the GOP I might add.  Along with his fellow Democrat “Progressives” they authored the Healthcare Bill literally behind locked doors and then passed it against the will of the people.  This is even after many had their own little town-hall meetings and got an earful from the constituency.  Baird had his own town-hall meeting here, but this was only after he was called on the carpet for calling us all “Brown shirts” for disagreeing with the health care bill.  I was overjoyed when a former Marine, David W. Hedrick, got up and told Baird that when he entered the Marine Corps, he took and oath to Preserve and Protect the Constitution of the United States. He went on to inform Mr. Baird that as a Congressman, he too, that oath and went further to ask, “When are you going to live up to your oath of office?”  The crowd roared their approval and Baird was at a loss for words and visibly taken-aback by the question.  Mr. Hedrick continued and instructed Mr. Baird to keep his hands off his kids.  Meaning, the government has no business dictating to him what his kids must be exposed to in school.  Topics which most concerned, conservative parents believe should be taught by the parents, at their discretion, not by the progressives in the school districts, the bureaucrats in the local agencies or the governments, state or federal.  Since the health bill was passed, the collective outrage has become shrill and the Dems have begun to see the error of their ways.  Baird has evidently “gotten religion” and come to his limited senses too.  He finally realized that his constituents are really and truly pissed at him for voting for all of the Obama agenda. (Against our wishes I might add)  I am of the opinion that the reality brought about during this last summer town halls hall he had about healthcare reform has sunk in and he recognizes the chances of regaining his seat this midterm would be a gargantuan, uphill battle, so he conveniently concocted the story excuse about wanting to be with his family.  Yea……Right……!  Give-me-a-break!!  This guy finally came to the recognized the fact that he screwed up royally and his career was over.  He allowed, for whatever reason, Pelosi and Obama to highjack his political career.  He permitted them to strong arm him into following their agenda, knuckling under,  knowing all the while, that his actions were in direct contradiction of the collective voices and will of his constituency.  Well, he was not alone. He was not the only Democrat to “walk the plank”.  The rest of the “Progressives” in Congress followed suit, and they too, find themselves in the same predicament.  He is just one case in point, but he just happens to be my Representative and I truly, truly and deeply resent what he did.  He totally blew me off, very disrespectfully I might add, and paid no never mind to my valid and informed concerns…..  His constant “non-replies” spoke volumes…

So what exactly did he do?  Lets take a step back and take the “long look” at the situation, and rather than re-state the obvious, I will say this;  What he, and the rest of the Democrats have done, to their credit I might add, is give the Conservatives/Republicans a “sneak peak”, a preview, if you will, of what is going to happen to them, if they too, abandon the will of the people, the rule of law, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.  So if I was a Republican or any other “brand” of Conservative running under any other moniker, from this point on, I would really take the lesson the Democrats has provided, to heart.  I would live it, breath it, eat it and sleep with it and truly value what the term “Democracy” means.  The Democrats, from a big picture point of view, have really done our nation a great service, and to be honest, I am not really sure it wasn’t because a little bit of “Devine Intervention” was at play here.   If it were not for the Democrats going completely out of control with crazy, drunken flirt with power, we citizens and patriots would not know to this day, how deeply the evil intentions really run, that currently dwell in the heart our Government.  We citizens must insist that we return to the government “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, that our Founding Fathers envisioned, and so many have died for over the centuries.

If the “Old Guard” Republicans do not understand the very simple fact that the political world and their relationship with the people, has changed forever, they too will be brushed aside, like so much rubbish before them.  So they must, from this point on (and we insist on this), answer to us.  No compromises, No ifs, no ands, and no but, period..  We are watching and the Conservatives need to understand that we will find out if they stray from the path we prescribe and as prescribed by the rule of law found in our founding documents.  The lines of communication are such today that we know what they are doing on our behalf at all times.  Let me qualify that….That is, if they are on the up and up and not pulling any back room shenanigans or otherwise deceitful, dishonest acts as in the past. For if they do, if they engage in any sedition, they too will find their tenures to be very short……The must understand and live by the meaning of the word “ACCOUNTABILITY”.  I am sure that there are some of the “Old Guard” Republicans who will not “get it” and return to their ways of old…….If they do, well, out they go….

The days of the “Good ol’ Boy system” are to be abandoned.  The “New Guard” must not be stifled or marginalized in any way.  The “Old Guard” MUST, to coin an old phrase, lead, follow, or get out of the way!

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