While the Dems sit back and lick their wounds, I hope that our unmistakable message was received and understood.  As stated by all the reports, this “shellacking” was of historic proportions and should serve notice on the Progressives as to the will of the people.  As I believed from the very beginning of this nightmare called the Obama Presidency, as long as “we the people” have the right to vote, we can save this nation from those who sought to tear it asunder.  But to be sure, this was just the start of returning this nation to a Democracy and a true Representative government.  We have a lot of work left to do.  We still have a battle on our hands and we barely have enough time to take a deep breath and allow ourselves a little bit of rejoicing.  Okay, I’ve done that now and it’s back to work.

In order for this tsunami t keep on rolling, we must be diligent.  We must, and I can’t over-emphasize this, we must hold the GOP to their word.  They have stated that they are going to repeal ObamaCare, no cap and trade, hobble the EPA, investigate all the Czars and everything else nefarious being done by this administration.  Many people must be held to account and the GOP must follow through on this.  The must be made to understand that if they don’t, and for that matter, if the Dems stay their socialistic course, the next election will be our next opportunity to make another “correction” and sweep aside all those who do not embrace the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration.  Of this, we must insist.  Another wave of “Buyers Remorse” will sweep the government clean of those who do not espouse our values and sense of national exceptionalism and independence and intolerance of oppression and socialistic values and mores.

With all this being said, the next two years are going to be interesting to say the least.  I believe Obama is completely incapable and/or unable to come to the realization that this election was a referendum on him and is Marxist agenda.   I believe he is so committed to his ideal that he will not accept the fact that he does not have the power to force us to accept his “vision” for the USA. All of it being right ot of the teachings of Marx, Mao, and all the other Communist “Great Thinkers” who outline how to bring about a revolution for the people.  In all actuality, his agenda is DOA.  Unless HE compromises, he will not get anything else accomplished during the remaining two years of his presidency.  If anyone is going to have to compromise, it must be the Dems and Obama.  The GOP should not under any circumstances “compromise” on anything.  The GOP is in the drivers seat now and they should never allow the Dems to take control of anything.  Not only did the GOP grab the keys of the bus away from the Dems, they pushed the Progressives to the back of the bus.  It needs to stay that way.  Click the pic for a much more articulate article on the mindset of Obama.  It is a great read!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 11/13/2010 - 9:25 am

    Maybe some of the Dems are licking their wounds, but here in the Sunshine State, all of the Democrats that live here just don’t get it, or their so stoned on Medical Marijuana they just don’t care. That’s probably why they are all still smiling. So they put some of the same Liberal Democrats back in office. Putting back stabbing Jerry Brown in the Capitol was a big mistake but really what’s the difference? California is a disaster. Meg Whitman had lots of money to spend, but to run on the same platform everyone else has used for years of helping education and small business and cutting the California deficit and trying to be sweet and polite while saying it just didn’t catch on I guess. But those were just empty promises anyways. California is second after New York in being the most difficult state to do business in, so taxpayers/small businesses will continue to leave. Hopefully we won’t be getting any more of Obama’s Stimulus money and his Reinvestment Act. We all know what a waste of money that was. All I’ve seen so far are new Freeway exits and on ramps where none were needed and City streets repaved for no apparent reason at all and there is still plenty of broken down automobiles lying around. It sort of looks like any other Government funded project like the LLNL where if they don’t spend (waste) all that they were allotted for the year, the next year they will not get as much. It’s getting about time to leave Mexifornia, somewhere where the elected officials use a lot more discretion and half the population of the town is not made up of Illegal’s.

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