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As most of us adults who have passed successfully through what I like to call “mental puberty” will attest, the Federal Government and the bureaucracy that surrounds it, is so badly broken that I doubt that any genuine, meaningful and undoubtedly, warranted drastic changes can be made as long as its current political and physical proximity are kept as is in DC. Yea, that right, I said “political and physical proximity are kept as is”.  I believe this because of the simple fact that, at the very least, the past Representatives we have sent to Congress, to this last election, has not shown any kind of hint, or offer up any kind of suggestion or idea, up to this point, of acknowledging the fact that our government is broken.  No one has ever begin to suggest anything resembling a remedy or fix that would in any way upset the apple cart, that would cause a change the current arrangement.  Disturbing the “status quo” at any level for any reason is or was out of the question.  They like it that way.  I can assume that this is because of at least 2 reasons that even I can think of; 1.  The current system (arrangement) not only allows but fosters a very close “working relationship” between the various agencies and departments.  This arrangement is way too cozy for my liking. The proximity of these agencies is much too convenient and is very conducive to setting up situations where each bureaucrat in these various agencies are working in consort with and covering each other and doing things that may or may not be on the up and up, most likely outside the public’s knowledge and purview.  2.  This system has been crafted in such a manner that gives our Representatives in Congress, Senate and Executive Branch, individually and collectively, immense power and authority outside normal congressional constitutional legal bounds. That in turn, just generally speaking, massively strokes their ego, and tremendously increases their perceived influence and power. But with this increase in influence, the publics rights and freedoms are reduced and diminished.  As we can all attest to the last 21 months since Obama has occupied the White House, he has used his considerable “political influences” on many occasions, (more than we may ever know of by the way) in order to “persuade” the various agency heads, whether full blown Cabinet Members or those who are unofficially considered to be Cabinet Members, to ignore their mandates and bow to his agenda and dictates.  This has been especially true with the conspicuous tampering with Eric Holder, the head of the Department of Justice.  He has been blinded to the many complaints surrounding the New Black Panther’s voter intimidation case which occurred in the ’08 election at a Philly polling place.  His “blindness” is not accidental and its cause was due to whatever “influences” came out of the Oval Office.  The EPA, The Environmental Protection Agency is suffering from the same nefarious influences emanating out of the same White House.  This is evident by the direction taken by the EPA and the accompanying regulatory language coming out of that agency.  This action, especially in regard to the coming carbon taxing, in my opinion, this is nothing short of collusion with the White House AND the now de-funked Democrat leadership in Congress.  This is being perpetrated in order to enact via back door means, the key provisions needed to bring about the carbon taxing scheme by way of directive, rather than by the only legal way to do it, by legislative means.  This underhanded, malevolent course is necessary simply because the astute American voters are acutely aware of the truth and fraud surrounding the whole global warming data situation, and are not going to sit idly by and allow the Congress to pass draconian legislation which would kill hundreds of thousands of US jobs. At the least, it would lay waste to the remaining ailing American economy.  So, they hatched the plan that would use the EPA to do their dirty work and get the job done. They couldn’t do politically because they were surprisingly smart enough to realize that it would be nothing short of political suicide.  Pushing another draconian set of laws down our throats was not something they had any more stomach for.  So, in the background, the EPA has been quietly going about this dirty little mandate, at the direction of and with full approval of the Socialist/Marxist Democrats. Yes, I know that most of these people are members of the Presidents Cabinet and as such are political appointees, however, The huge 800 pound gorilla in to room is the simple fact that all these people who are dreaming up and publishing these new laws, are outside the scope of citizen oversight, unlike Congress, who are tasked and mandated by the Constitution with the responsibility of making law and it is we voters who act as the check and balances in that constitutional system.  Now that the political makeup of the Congress has finally changed in favor of democracy, this situation cannot be allowed to continue.  I feel that this situation is an issue the new GOP majority must address and take corrective action as soon as possible.  Effective steps must be taken to short circuit this situation before more irreparable damage can be done to our nation and our industrial base.  With all this being said, I believe that the close proximity of the EPA, and for that matter the rest of these governmental agencies, to all these nefarious people or influences, directly contributes to the seriousness and severity of this un-Holy and un-ethical alliance that have been formed that has lead to this unconstitutional use of the falsely perceived and illegally given authority of these agencies.  Physically distancing this and the other governmental agencies from these resident undemocratic DC influences cannot be a bad thing.  At the least it will make back room deals and other “less than honest” intentions and plots, more difficult to plan and execute. Yea, I know there is always the phone or other electronic mediums, however, these leave tracks, records of each communication.  That always makes those who are up to no good nervous and causes them to stop and think about what they are doing.  It would be much, much harder to do the face to faces needed to enact and further agendas.  I believe there are 3 other benefits to decentralizing the various governmental agencies; 1.  Each agency could be located in an area of the country that makes them more effectively utilized, depending on the nature of the agency, and 2.  From a tactical point of view, the decentralizing of the various governmental agencies would make it much more difficult for any adversary to effectively and successfully attack the various spokes of our government. For example, place the FDA in the breadbasket of our nation, closer to those who produce our food supply. The EPA, say in Seattle Washington, where there is no finer example of the majesty of our national resources.  And so on and so forth all down the line so to speak.  Each agency placed closest to where its mandated mission is most exemplified and of use for the entire nation.  These agencies would be working very closely with the very people whom they impact, unlike today where they are insulated in the Washington DC cocoon.  And 3.  These new facilities most likely will have to be built.  This is going to help spur the economy by providing jobs while all these sites are being built.  That is a good thing!  But you may say that we can’t afford it because we must downsize the Federal Government.  The federal deficit is just outta control!!  That could be true, but if the GOP is successful in stopping the hemorrhaging in DC, we might be able to afford this proposal.  So it is with these ideas I lead into the attached article that fostered these thoughts. Give it a read.  As you can tell, it prompted me to think about this issue…..

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