Simply put, it takes a 2/3 majority in each the House and Senate to override a Presidential veto.  As the attached web page explains, this rarely happens because it is difficult to get that percentage because it is difficult to get one of the parties to agree to the vote.  However, it can happen if the Congress feels that the President is not acting in the best interest of Congress.  Well, I happen to think that this situation exists right now.  Take the extension of the Bush tax cuts.  The President is dead set against extending the cuts for those who make over $250,000 a year.  (That is gross income folks, not net).  But the GOP will not settle for anything less than an across the board extension.  So, say enough of the Dems agree with the GOP and a Bill goes to Obama with all the tax cuts.  He then vetoes it..   How do you think the American Tax Payers are going to like that?  Well, they are not and the remaining Dems in Congress know that.  They also know that 2012 is literally around the corner and their necks are on the chopping blocks next.  They know this all too well now.  They now realize that Obama , Pelosi and Reed walked them over a cliff, leading to the end of a lot of career politicians jobs… They don’t want to be next.  So with all this being said, I think that the GOP is really in the drivers seat here and I think it is possible to get the 2/3rds required.  If the GOP plays hard ball, LIKE THEY SHOULD, I think it can happen.  The GOP needs to stick to the marching orders we have given them.  If there is going to be any compromising, it must be done by the Democrats, and the Democrats ONLY.  Now is not the time to look for compromise and adopt a “can’t we all get along” attitude.  I demand they take charge and keep the pressure on the remaining Progressives in Congress.  It is those people who are wrecking our country and we have charged them to stop the bleeding and bring back some sanity and decency to our Republic.


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