After watching this video, all I hear is a lot of “business as usual” coming out of the mouth of these GOP leaders.  This is not acceptable.  I did not send Jamie Herrera to the Senate to look for compromise.  I expect these people to look for compromise from one side of the aisle only, the Jackass side.  Did the Dems look for compromise when they were in charge?  NO.  Did they look to the GOP for help on crafting the health-care overhaul?  NO.  In fact they literally locked the door, shutting the GOP out of the debate entirely.  Did they take any of the GOP advice on the stimulus?  NO.   So, with all this being said, I ask this?  How have the Dems reached out to the GOP these last 2 years?  What?  Can’t come up with a single instance?  Well, neither can I……   I urge all to write your Reps and tell them what you expect, AND THAT IS NOT, “BUSINESS AS USUAL”!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 12/04/2010 - 6:26 pm

    Just listening to these three stooges acting like they have all the authority in the World, I have to shake my head in disgust and anger. Especially with this John Boehner (a Republican) sitting there, is just proof positive that he follows suit right along with Obama and his ilk as I believe most Politicians do.
    American Conservative Vet, I agree with you 100%. Its business as usual coming from the mouth’s of these elected officials. Just who do they think they are kidding when they say they are concerned about how they are going to fund the Government for the next ten months? Spending any amount of money has never been any concern before so projecting lies isn’t going to work. And trying to sound sympathetic towards the American people is not going to work either. Maybe it will work for all of Obama’s supporters but “Sorry Charlie” these guy’s are bold face liars and I’m still not going believe them no matter how much they and our Muslim President try to B.S. us. If they would stop sending financial aid to so many other countries that need to learn to stand on their own feet, stop funding all their special interest groups, stop expanding the size of the government, stop with all Bank and Auto manufacturers bailouts, stop with stimulus packages, stop printing so much worthless money, stop selling our debt to other countries, stop, just stop spending as though they have a blank check that has endless funds. I would be curious to hear what these three would say about this http://www.usdebtclock.org/. and why hasn’t this clock stopped showing a bigger deficit, why is un-employment getting higher, why is the dollar worth less and why are more Americans so disillusioned since Obama has been in office. Not that he is to blame for all this debt, but this needs to stop.

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