If you didn’t know already, this guy is in Obama’s hip pocket.  Ted Turner is a disgrace, not to mention his ex, Hanoi Jane.  Click the pic for his opinion of the global warming situation and see for yourself how much of an enemy he is.  PLUS, click HERE to read about his global “one child policy”.





  1. #1 by Rick L. on 12/13/2010 - 9:08 pm

    Being the Philanthropist that Ted Turner is, I really don’t agree with him on this very controversial subject of having just one or two kids. It needs to be brought to the attention to some of these baby makers that they need not be breeding like field mice or rabbits. It’s bad enough that one female has numerous kids by multiple men before they get married but to continue breeding like mice or rabbits after they are married needs to stop. There should be a limit on how many kids the government will support for a married couple and that limit should be lower for single parents. Just how can we continue to support all these uneducated breeders that are a drain on the economy? And this goes without saying the Tax hikes we will see because of them. Now if these breeders want to continue on increasing the population I see no reason at all these people can’t be out cleaning up the streets, the shorelines, oil spills, removing graffiti from public property or clearing brush at National Parks and earn that free money. That’s the only way these breeders will realize they need to do something else with their time or their money will be cut off. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually learn something. You know, seeing as how Ted Turner is such a great Philanthropist and gets along with Obama so well and they both like socialism, he shouldn’t have any problem spreading his wealth around helping all these poor families with multiple kids or any unfortunate family that has lost it’s source of income. It would appear to me that Turner seems more like a Hypocrite complaining about people having too many kids and on the same hand he supports Obama and his Socialist agenda. We can’t ignore the fact that Ted Turner is the largest land owner in the United States (besides the government), and wants to protect vast open areas of land never to be developed and left for natural wild animals especially his huge herd of Bison to roam as they did before the white man came. So what do we do? In all reality, having more kids than you can afford, no matter where you live or how well educated you are needs to be considered by everyone. Some day there’s going to be serious food shortages everywhere if the population of the world continues to rise, then it will be too late to think about how many children a family should have. It may not seem like it when you go to the grocery store today but just how much longer do people think this good fortune we have to be able to feed so many is going to last? I’m sure everyone has pretty much forgotten about that catastrophic oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. We have not seen the full effects of that yet. It will no longer be a breeding area for Tuna that migrate there just to spawn, let alone the Dolphin and Whales that migrate there to feed. What food they will find to eat will eventually kill them and their off spring. Eventually the entire Gulf of Mexico will be affected both economically and ecologically. When you add that to the over fishing of other oceans and some of those huge Pacific Gyre’s filled with plastic and other man made debris there will be food shortages of this kind. I certainly would not eat anything that swam or crawled in the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere near there, that’s for sure.
    As far as Turner and his climate change vs health care, well Turner in my opinion is more concerned about saving the earth than having health care for everyone, being a Philanthropist and all. Here in the United States most of what we are lead to believe about climate change is all centered around money and most of what gets done is done in vain as most people don’t see the amount of un-regulated poison pollution that’s introduced into the environment both at land and sea from other countries. The earth can only digest so much of this poison and over population doesn’t help.

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