Study of the Yucca Mountain site began as far back as 1978 in an effort to establish a viable, safe repository for spent fuel rods that all in service nuclear power generators create during their lifetime.  This site is being studied in order to determine its stability geologically, among other factors.  There is an awful lot of work going into this facility because this high level waste is lethal for thousands of years and cannot be placed anywhere where there are anything like high water tables and the possibility of earthquakes. As the situation exists currently, all of this nuclear waste is mostly stored “on site” at each nuclear power facility under heavy guard.  This is not to say that it is safe by any means.  Each site has it’s own set of vulnerabilities and risks.  Man made “situations” can be planned for and mitigated, however, mother nature has always had a trick or two up her sleeve.  Weather and earthquake scenarios can also be planned for and precautions taken, however, non of the current storage facilities even come close to the level of security offered by the Yucca Mountain site. It is my opinion that this site must be completed and approved so the United States can make a transition back into nuclear power, getting away from the fossil fuels that the “Enviro’s” keep complaining about.  Nuclear power can be and is safe if the proper safeguards are put in place, and Yucca Mountain is a huge piece of this puzzle.  I feel that Nuclear power is vital if we as a nation are going to get out from under the thumb of the middle east oil.  We also must increase domestic oil and gas exploration and production.  We must demand that our government stop playing politics with our lives, livelihoods and futures of our children.

This site seems to fit the bill but the Obama Administration is pulling funding from this project.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 12/20/2010 - 9:42 am

    Supposedly Yucca Mountain is the most studied real estate on the planet. With that in mind you would think this proposed site for long term storage of Nuclear Waste would be ideal. But I would not be in favor for the proposed 10s of thousands of tons of waste that’s waiting to be moved there nor what’s already there. To put so many eggs into one basket certainly is not a good idea. That’s an awful lot of lethal poison in one spot, especially seeing as how near by we already have the Nevada Test Site where well over a thousand nuclear tests have already been tried, which have left huge chambers full of radio active rubble up to a mile deep, some of which go directly into some aquifers, not to mention any radiated above ground real estate that’s just waiting to be blown into the adjacent populated areas, which by the way is not a big priority to be cleaned up per the Energy Dept. In 1951 when this site was established the technology wasn’t quite as advanced as today so it’s hard telling what else is lurking in and around those test sites. Take the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco (25-30 miles away) for example. From 1946 -1970 there have been 48,000+ drums of low level radio active waste dumped out there plus a contaminated 10,000 ton aircraft carrier deliberately sunk there that was used at the Bikini Atoll Atomic Bomb Testing range, which by the way would not have been noticed if it weren’t for satellite imaging. So what’s that tell you about how knowledgeable the Scientist and Military were? I guess that was “out of sight, out of mind” technology. Salt water is very corrosive so I can imagine after 50 years a lot of that has been picked up by deep water currents just like what’s going to happen in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil. Sure that was 50 or so years ago and technology has improved since then, but as long as the government is involved, I would not trust their policy, surveys, statements and their ability to waste a lot of money. For the fact the Federal government mis-appropriated Billions of taxpayer dollars in the 80s as a result of the Nuclear Waste Policy act of 1982 should more proof of how corrupt our government is. Today, not only are the DOE and EPA deceiving in their reports of safety standards but with Lisa Jackson the EPA Administrator involved who knows what corners will be cut even if this project was allowed to continue? As far as bringing jobs to Nevada, well, I would be surprised if there were enough qualified people left to do the work, which in turn would bring companies from other states or countries. So that argument of bringing jobs to Nevada I’m not buying, that’s just helping the local economy short term and eventually those workers will move away. With Obama pulling the funding for this project, we may never see Nuclear Energy as a main energy source here in America, at least as long as he’s in office anyway, (but we’ll have to see what else he has in his Health Care Bill, won’t we)? Anyway, we’ll still see lots of feeble attempts on electric cars that have to be plugged in every 40 or 50 miles (more energy consumption) and solar panels with initial installation cost that will barely be recovered over ten years.
    There really needs to be a better solution for our energy needs other than oil, coal and nuclear energy as we are slowly burning this place up and will eventually poison what’s left with radiation. We can only hope another Alien life form will save us. Until then thousands of square miles of Nevada’s real estate will eventually be a wasteland. I would not have a problem if the taxpayers built Harry Reid a multi-million dollar house right in the middle of it.

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