I know, grant federal agencies unprecedented, unconstitutional power and use “regulations” to further your agenda, simply because you can’t get it passed legally through Congress……


Yea, that’s how Obama is going to do it.  He has already started the ball rolling by giving his “Lieutenants” (Agency Heads and Secretaries) their marching orders.  Put as much regulations into motion as fast as you can and overwhelm the new Congress so they will not be able to stop the power grabs…….  And that is exactly what is happening now.  The EPA is moving fast to get the CO2 regulations in place ASAP.  These will take effect on 1 Jan 2011.  Congress does not convene until 4 Jan 2011.  It will have already been implemented.  The GOP is going to have to jump on this fast in order to mitigate the damage these regs will do to the nations remaining industry and energy production plants.  There is no doubt in my mind the Progressives want this nation to literally be brought o its knees on every front.  They will not be happy until there is no industry left int he nation, everyone is taxed to death and everyone is dependent on the government.  And oh, by the way, everyone is welcome, Come on in!!  No one will be turned away.  No immigration laws, no nothin’.  Problem with this plan is; How are you going to pay taxes in order to pay for all the entitlement plans when there is no work and everyone is unemployed?  The Liberals/Socialists/Progressives, otherwise know as Democrats are unable or unwilling to understand that very simple premise and flaw in their plan.  Before any of you Libs decides to ship off some more “hate mail” at me, save it….You people are the very force that is destroying this nation and democracy.  You are completely un-American and are not worthy of the very luxuries and securities this nation affords you.  You are so dense that you do not understand, or don’t care that by giving the federal government all this power, you are willingly giving up the rights that so many American Patriots fought and died for.  You all are so willing and eager to give up what was bought with blood and soul.  I find that personally disgusting.  You are willingly minimizing every death and every wound every military member suffered in all the wars we have fought and the service of all the current military personnel is for naught and senseless.  My 30 years was a waste of time.  You people are so stupid, you do not even realize that we are fighting for your rights too.  So you can still have the right to act as stupid and crazy and un-American as you are now.  Do you really think the government is going to put up with your behavior if you forfeit your rights to them?  I think not and you better think again…..  You Libs/Progressives are not only evil, but short-sighted as well.  In my opinion of course….. We true patriots, whose voice was heard loud and clear this last Nov 2nd, will not rest until all of you are vanquished from all positions of authority that allows you to usurp our Constitutional rights.   We realize you have been working at this for quite some time and we don’t expect you to go quietly.  You need to know, We will not stop, We will not relent, We will not rest, and We will not quit until we have won.  Never forget what happened to Vancouver City Councilwoman Jeanne Harris when she trampled all over the citizens in a recent meeting.  She is in deep trouble.  She is only a City Council Member. You talk about a little bit of “perceived” power going to her head!  She is the perfect poster child for what is going to happen to the rest of you who act and think like her…..Pack your bags…..

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