The truth about the Health Care budget

As you will see in this attached article on the House Budget Committee website, it is very apparent that the Libs have pulled out all the stops in hiding the true cost of this debacle.  This just demonstrates that the Liberal Progressives will stoop to anything to push their un-American, Socialist/Marxist agenda.  We must not ever loose sight of the fact that these malevolent forces have been at work within our government for a very long time and are not going to be defeated without a fight.  I say, “Bring It On”!  Truth, Justice and the American Way will win the day because we have the side of right and true patriotism on our side, with God as an Ally.  We must never shrink from a fight and we must never waiver from the truth.  We will fight this internal battle for our nation by sticking strictly to the rule of law and never wavering from the truth, no matter how difficult that may become.  Our Elected Representatives must know that we are behind them 100% and they must know that we will hold them accountable each time they waiver.  The Libs have demonstrated over that last 70+ years that their ideals do not and will not work.  These ideals have been rejected and Conservativism will pull us out of this mess we now find ourselves in.  If the Libs think we are the party of “no”, then they will find out what “hell no” means.

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