The Democrat, Gun Control bunch are already using the horrific incident at the Rep. Gabrielle Gifford meeting as a springboard to push their gun control agenda.  This is despicable….  The Marxist Left will stop at nothing to disarm the lawful citizens of this country.  This demonstrates that they are still hard at work trying to make you subservient to them.  I am hoping that our newly elected GOP Representatives in the GOP House Of Representatives, and the larger GOP group in the Senate, will stand firm and not allow these zealots to usurp the Bill of Rights once again.  My letter to Congresswoman Hererra;

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I am reading that the Democrat, gun control activists are working on introducing new gun control legislation soon.  I have written many letters to my Representatives on this subject in the past, stating that no new law are needed, just enforcement of the ones already on the books now.  And I stand by that argument today.  I am urging you in the most stringent terms to resist any new attempts to further enact any new gun control legislation.  Protecting our gun rights was one of the main reasons we sent to Washington.  We expect you to fight vigorously against this type of legislation against the 2nd Amendment, plus any new laws that may infringe on any other rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  Also, the “Language Police” must not come to fruition either.  There are laws against communicating threats already and NO encroachment of the 1st Amendment should be tolerated or condoned by your office.  We he in the 3rd will be watching to see how you will fare on this issue.  I base my voting on how well my Reps. live up to their Oath of Office.  Preserve, Protect and Defend….

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