Ever since the advent of reconnaissance drones and the their use by the US Military, I have been concerned that their use on US soil was not far behind.  My concerns stem from the possibility of abuse by over zealous Law Enforcement Agencies who do not care about violating the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights prohibiting unlawful search.  In reading this article, it appears that I am not the only who is concerned about this trend.  This is another “Tool” that the zealous Law Enforcement types will justify its use by such language as; “To better safeguard the public”, “To provide a higher level of Officer Safety”, “To help Law Enforcement bring more bad guys to justice”, and the like.  It seems to me that there would be, or should be, two schools of thought on this that are being debated by the Agencies who are or who are looking into using these drones.  The first, would be what I just outlined above.  The second would be; “We need to look into the constitutionality of using these so we don’t overstep our authority and abuse someones rights, before we put these into use.  Now I can imagine that there are going to be Law Enforcement types who are going to read this article.  They will come to one of two possible conclusions about me.  The zealot will label me as, well, God know what, because those types of people demonize those like me.  Or two, this guy is a patriot who is exercising his 1st Amendment rights and is concerned about the Law Enforcement NOT overstepping its bounds and not going down the road to a full-blown Police State.   If you’re a Law Enforcement Type, which are you?  I was a military Law Enforcement Officer for almost 30 years.  In those years I came in contact with many Police Officers from the local areas and it is my opinion that at least 50% of those are Cops because of the “Power Trip”.  I worked shoulder to shoulder with these people and I come to my opinion by direct observation and experience.  So before you jump to the conclusion that I know nothing of which I speak, think again.  I took the oath to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign AND domestic many times in my career.  I took it to heart and live by it.  As a Law Enforcement Officer, are you a domestic enemy of the Constitution?  Look in the mirror and ask that question………If you care nothing of the Constitution and the rights of the citizenry, you need to find another endeavor.  One that does not allow you to exact your version of justice on the public.


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 01/25/2011 - 4:19 pm

    Drones in America controlled by our Police force? Definitely not! It’s a violation of our Constitutional Rights and if we allow this where will it stop? It’s just another step towards a Police State agenda, besides, the Police have enough toys to play with and we need not waste any more money. There is already too much BIG BROTHER technology everywhere we go and by the looks of what criminals continue to do, this technology hasn’t really stopped anything. All it’s done is record events to be shown on reality shows and glorify criminal efforts to disobey the Law. Our DOD, Homeland Security and the EPA not to mention Obama’s Health Care Bill are going to keep chipping away at our Constitutional rights as long as they can get away with it. So “NO Drones”, not here, not ever! If the Police department wants to do something constructive why don’t they “Strictly Enforce” people that are talking on their cell phones while operating a deadly weapon like the Automobile. This is more dangerous than someone walking around with a weapon. I mean, there are thousands of people being injured by distracted drivers where the percentage of people being shot is much less. Also lets stop all the “HOT PURSUITS” as long as were at it. Glorified Super Cops need to use common sense and stop putting innocent people at risk for serious injuries, period.

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