Heritage Foundation Responds To The State Of The Union Address



The Heritage Foundation in my opinion is the pinnacle and cornerstone of Conservative thinking, education and is a bastion against Progressivism, Liberalism and Socialism.  This Institution is one of impeccable integrity and works tirelessly promoting and furthering and preserving the Founding Fathers vision and intent.  When opinions come out of that Institution, I listen.  I hope you do too.  Attached is the rebuttal, written by several writers that I think hits the nail right on the head.  Please read this and check back with The Heritage Foundation often.


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/02/2011 - 9:20 am

    Obama’s State of the Union Address? You’ve got to be kidding. Socialism, Lies, Double Talk and Empty Promises and more taxes is all we are going to get out of this Lying Person from Kenya.

    What’s he mean by saying “Win the Future”? Just how do you win the future? Is he in some sort of war along side the Socialist, Liberals, Communist against those that see him for what he is? This is just double talk and his supporters will make what they want out of Obama’s comments to justify their stupidity.

    And “Divisive Battles” behind us? Fraid not Barry, Don’t ask Don’t tell is wrong. If that’s what he wants, then its separate bathrooms and sleeping accommodations for all and those that don’t know what gender they are can do all the household chores.

    No child left behind? If you’re IQ is no more than two digits, all the schooling in the world is not going to help, so most of whom this proposition is aimed at will spend the rest of their life in grade school.

    Obama care is still un-constitutional and Socialist Health Care does not work. Just ask any Canadian.

    Social Security has been bankrupt for years and raising taxes to pay for up coming baby boomers will only give the government another opportunity to steal more money. We should have had a choice on whether or not we wanted to pay S.S. when we started our working career. That way the government would not have had the opportunity to take what was not theirs from everybody.

    We need to repeal Obama’s Health Care Bill or be subject to Death Panels and un-qualified Doctors that will work for what ever they can get because all the real Doctors will be working for the private sector where only the wealthy can afford them. Even though your insurance premium will go, this Obama care will make for so much red tape, going to a doctor for anything will be extremely aggravating dealing with government issues.

    State of the Family? You’ve got to be kidding. It would appear that most of the un-educated, low income breeders don’t have a clue where babies come from and as long as it feels good why stop?

    Free Enterprise vs Big Government? This isn’t too hard to figure out. More regulation, more taxes (state and federal) is not going to spark any innovation with anyone. Why do you think about 95% of everything you purchase is not made in America? If this policy continues one day we might see “Made in Chimerica” labels on most of what we purchase. Oh……..we musn’t forget Obama’s stimulus money, that oughta help, like the stimulis money to the tune of $17 Million that saved Michells brothers job at what was it, Oregon State University?

    These are just a few of the things Obama touched on during his State of the Union address and as you can see we all have different opinions and comments including this government official who pretty much sums up what Obama is all about. http://nation.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/28/congressman-calls-obama-socialist-refuses-back-down. To comment any more on Obama’s State of the Union Address or him in general at any one time is just too aggravating, and I can’t handle any more Sputnik moments right now.

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