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The government in Egypt has cut all internet activities and phone service because the people are using it to organize and fight the establishment.  My point is; Who or what the “people” are fighting for is irrelevant.  What matters is the fact that the government controls these services and thus has the capability of thwarting the organization of any opposing forces in the country that use these conduits.  This would force these people to resort to other means to get information out.

Do you think that our government would do any different if “We The People” took constitutional action against our government in an effort to return it to a form the current “powers that be” would not stand for?  Maybe we should use Egypt as a guide and demand the Feds keep their hands off the internet and other forms of communications……….. Hey, I’m just thinking out loud……What do you think?

UPDATED 012811

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UPDATED 013111

Obama’s buddies are trying to get the internet “kill switch” implemented as soon as possible.  Gee, I wonder what WA. Senators Murray and Cantwell think of this?……..Hmmmm  I’ll bet they are all for it…Like always, they say its a matter of national security in case of cyber attacks.  What they won’t come out and say is the fact that they want the ability to deny the American public the ability to organize and they are going to use the guise of cyber security to do it.  Write your Congressman NOW and tell them to not vote in favor of this legislation….Click here for the info.

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