25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster – Ronald Reagan Speech on day of disaster

This was one of those “Where were you moments” in life. I was in the Air Force at the time and I was home watching it live.  I was stunned by what I saw and then, after the investigation, I was horrified at the level politics played in the decision to launch.  A lot of people had blood on their hands on this one………..

We remember these people who put themselves in harm’s way, knowing full well the risks at hand.  They died living a dream come true, that turned into a nightmare.  Their bravery and dedication serves as an inspiration to us all.  As a Nation, we give thanks for their service and dedication to exploration and the advancement of Space exploration.




  1. #1 by Rick L. on 01/29/2011 - 7:14 pm

    My hat comes off for these brave souls who sacrificed the ultimate price for the dream of orbiting earth and entering the edge of space. I’m really reluctant to call this horrific disaster an “Anniversary” 25 years after it happened even though “Anniversary” signifies a certain amount of time has passed to the exact day of the event. To me it’s more like a day of remembrance of an unfortunate event or a day of tribute to those who lost their lives and those that were affected by this bold attempt for experiments in a non gravity environment and should be labeled as such. I have no intentions to be-little these men and women for their accomplishments or their sacrifices but in my opinion NASA really hasn’t shown enough of what they are doing and what they have accomplished to justify the enormous expense they generate not to mention the loss of life. Some spectacular liftoffs, great photos of near by galaxies, pictures of a blue marble and floating around in space connected to a tether line just isn’t gettin for me. The taxpayers are supporting this type of exploration and all of what NASA is doing, so what they know and do should be available to everyone. Sure they claim to have gotten to the moon and back, but what was the point? What have we gained from bouncing around in moon dust and spinning the wheels on some moon vehicle while being there? Our government is hiding a lot more from the general public about leaving this earth than what most people care to realize and want to know. These feeble attempts to launch a billion dollar space shuttle into orbit for space exploration/experiments, just captures the peoples imagination and that’s about all. When I say feeble attempts, just how is it that just because there happens to be a few clouds or wind near the launch pad the lift off is canceled. For as much technology that is built into this huge endeavour a few clouds and a little breeze should not get in the way and they should be able to blast their way through the darkest of clouds. I mean clouds are just a bunch of miniscule water droplets for cryin out loud and the no fly zone around the cape goes on for miles. Makes me wonder how accuracy plays a big roll in their calculations with very little room for mistakes and this goes without saying taking in account all the issues with the heat shields and the possibility of being hit by some miniscule particle from space that could be an end all to the whole expedition. So as much as I don’t like what this new administration is doing to promote a socialist agenda and stopping the funding for NASA amongst other Communist tactics, I really don’t have a problem with them stopping the funding for NASA where so many things can go wrong and we have no information on progress that would substantiate the furthering this program. It’s just that the vastness of this entire universe is so un-comprehensible and scientists talk about light years as though 20 or 30 of them is close by, unless we have a Star Gate or have access to a time machine we will not get any further than the Moon and back as long as we keep tinkering around with solid jet fuels and launching pads. I don’t know, I guess I’ve lost my sense of adventure.

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