Here is what I got in the mail from this poor excuse of a Senator.  She supports the vets?  Well then, why is it going to cost me almost $2000.00 more dollars a year for my Tri-Care health insurance?  How in the hell she got re-elected I will never know…….I didn’t vote for her.  Hey, all you vets that did…..How do you like her now that she has messed up our Tri-Care medical, voting in favor of ObamaCare, and has helped increase our deficit by trillions of dollars, bankrupting the USA and taking the states down with it?  The thought of her being the new Chairperson for the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee scares the crap outta me…..It should you too because she DOES NOT have us Vets best interests at heart, only her own agenda…….

Here are her lies:

Standing Up for Washington State Veterans

This week, I was honored to be announced the new Chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. As Chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I have a tremendous duty to the 22 million veterans across the country who have stepped up to serve our nation and who deserve the highest quality care, benefits, and treatment in return. I plan to work each day to ensure that the VA is working for our veterans, not against them. Our service members should never have to come home from fighting a war only to fight to get the benefits and care that they deserve.

Read my full statement.


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/01/2011 - 9:05 am

    Patty Murray? She could be replaced with a bag of dirt. She’s nothing but a dolt and if the Veterans think she’s going to help them they better have second thought’s, but it’s too late now. Lets see how many disgruntled Vets we will have after she gets done.

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