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When I read this article, I got a really bad feeling and felt ill.  I am just appalled that Obama would do something like this just to pander to the Russians.  Obama has no clue………In just a brief 2 years, this charlatan has managed to undo decades of Democratic progress the US has worked so hard to achieve.  It overwhelmingly appears Obama’s mindset is in direct contradiction to everything all our past Presidents have worked for.  He is single-handedly, weakening the US to unprecedented low levels and it appears that this is in fact his goal.  This latest action proves to me in no uncertain terms that he will stoop to any low, any tactic, and ruse that allow him to further his agenda, at any cost.  And in my opinion, just to stroke his over inflated, out of control ego…..  No one in their right mind would be able to take an objective look at what he has done, is doing and is planning, and not think something is very very wrong here.  He has taken the USA down a path 180° opposing our past course.  I have never seen any sitting President act in such a contrary manner that flies in the face of past wisdom and common sense. I am very concerned that he has done and is doing irreparable harm to our relations with what are or were our traditional allies.  I don’t know if we are going to be able to mend those fences any time in the foreseeable future, meaning my lifetime and I am only 56.  However, there is one little glimmer of hope and one little tidbit that I am personally reveling in….  That is, being secure in the knowledge that he is doing such a lame job, he has and is alienating a vast portion of his base, to include the Muslims who oversees hate him as much as GW Bush.  So much for his attempting to reach out to his “Brothers”……  Guantanamo Bay is still open (and will remain so), the terrorists will be tried in Military courts, AND the GOP has control of the House and the investigations are coming……He has painted himself into a corner and there is no way out.  Somehow I think that history will not be kind to BH Obama.  All his underhanded dealings and acts will be exposed.  Compared to Him, Richard Nixon will look like a Boy Scout.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/10/2011 - 9:53 am

    If the Russians trust what Obama has disclosed to them about Britain’s arsenal, they are about as dumb as they come. They know Obama can’t be trusted no matter what his motives are or what terms were agreed on, “New START” or not.
    Our government is the King of all Treaty breaker’s, just ask any Historian or American Indian. So Russia, watch out! If Russia wanted to know this information why would they not contact the U.N.? Aren’t they supposed to be the go to guys for this kinda stuff? This would lead me to think that some of these countries are not being truthful on their disclosures to the U.N. and they have their own set of rules. Besides, in all reality what country is going release information on their entire defense arsenal to the U.N. or anybody else? This little game we play of inspecting each others arsenal is nothing but a joke, especially with countries like North Korea or Iran lurking in the background, and you have to take into consideration any black market weapons that will never be revealed and are available to anyone that has the cash.
    This is just another deceptive trick from Obama, like him telling Egypt to turn the internet service back on for its citizens. All he wants to do is get his Internet Bill on his desk ASAP making believe he’s against this type of Communist control over the people. When in reality he wants to be able to have full control over the internet here in the United States. What Egypt does is none of his business. And besides, all the billions of dollars our government gave to Egypt is gone now and sitting in a bank account some where in Canada under Mubarak’s family name. Anyway back to the matter on hand, Obama has no allegiance to anyone but Allah.

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