Didn’t see this one coming…….This is a bad thing that I think could lead to the ultimate fall of the United States.  Commerce will be controlled by non-Americans who do not have our national best interest at heart.  I got a question……..How is it that the Liberal/Progressive Democrats are supporting big business and labor unions, when the party used to support the common man, and the Conservative Republicans are supporting the common man and rule of law, when that party used to support big business?  This “in your face” complete wholesale sell-out of the USA by the Dems is outrageous!


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/12/2011 - 2:53 pm

    Of course I’m just speculating here but one would have a tendency to think that the Builderberg Group and the Rothschilds are behind this merge of Stock markets. Seeing as how they are in control of all the big banks both here and abroad they can manipulate the stock markets and the price of Gold to maximize their control and profits. You have to add that there is a lot of talk right now about what would be the “World” currency, which more than likely would not be the American dollar (our government has seen to that) and you can be assured that there will be money to be made on that exchange also. Physical Gold will also be used as currency and fractional Gold will be a must.
    All that’s happened in Cairo was about money and could happen here in the States if our government continues to deceive us on such a grand scale. They have been stealing from us for decades and if this Market merge takes place and the bottom falls out, there’s going to be some real ticked off people on this earth. There should be grave concern by our government on this issue seeing as how most Americans are armed. Anyone that’s invested into the Stock Market today had better cash out while they still have an investment left and consider investing in hard assets instead and not something that’s being held in a bank over seas.
    Anyways, this buy-out or merge seems more like another step towards Socialism, World Government and World Currency. People may want to look at this type of investing under a different light. My guess is that even insiders will not be immuned from huge losses.
    You know, it’s curious that Hillary has ordered all of our Delegates, some 250 or so, to get back to U.S. soil. Something’s up! Could it be an end to a Paradigm here in the U.S. where the people over throw the government?

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