1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/22/2011 - 6:38 pm

    To start with, Janet Napolitano has an awful lot of damn nerve showing up at the Brownsville Event Center today commenting on how she wants the murderers of Jaime Zapata caught and convicted. She is 100% responsible for this ICE Agents death and the injury of his co-worker. She and Obama sit on their hands and do nothing about border protection. If I was a family member of Jaime’s I would have told Janet Napolitano to keep her ass away from me and my family and keep her big mouth shut on how she wants to control the border.

    Anyway, let’s see, back to the border………………the United States Government interferes with Arizona when they try to put a stop to the drug trade across their border. Mexican President Felipe Calderon gets applauded for blaming the U.S. for all the weapons in Mexico and wants more gun control here in the U.S. Our fearless leader Obama say’s the same thing but on the other hand he won’t do anything about protecting our border. The U.S. and Mexican Government’s are profiting from all the drugs that are being smuggled across the border and this goes without mentioning profits from military weapons. With Obama using both of their comments to promote more gun control here in the United States, he will take further steps towards his Socialist agenda and be assured that a huge majority of the population are well supplied with drugs and oblivious to the Governments agenda. You know our government is profiting big time from the drug trade especially when you also include all that the profits made from the Opium and Heroin that’s grown in the Middle East that ends up here in the U.S.

    How the American people can keep falling for this pretense of protecting our border and continuing to let some of our Law Enforcement agents and civilians get killed or injured is just exasperating.

    What we need is, to have someone like Wayne La Pierre the Executive Vice President of the NRA as President of the United States. He would insure that our Rights as Americans are enforced, our borders would be secured, there would be no Police States and there would be a no nonsense approach to the way our government functions. We would see what real Freedom in the United States is like.

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