It hard to wean those who dont want to be weaned, AND may have an agenda...

About the only thing I can say to that is…..Duhhhhh!  Did anyone really expect that they would miss the opportunity to pretend to stand up for the little guy and accuse the Conservatives of hate and being mean-spirited?  I think not!!  They are so delusional that they really believe that all the Conservatives/GOP are going to kill Grandma and Grandpa, starve them to death, freeze them out without heat and so on and so forth……  Yea, its pretty lame.  Case in point....They are so blind they really believe that, or want to make everyone else believe it.  Just look at Wis.  The Democrat Representatives have abandoned their posts, intentionally trying to thwart and undermine democracy as outlined in their state Constitution, abandoning their Constituents.  The Left is telling everyone that the unions are being gutted, which is a flat lie meant to purposely distort, obfuscate and generally convolute the issue.  That’s what they do.  Lib/Progressives are an emotional bunch.  Always rationalizing everything on being measured on feel good politics.  That is why they are so up in arms because they don’t like the prospects of being weaned from the Nanny-State teet.  They want to keep getting that sweet milk as long as they can, to hell with the nation…..  That is the simple truth of the matter.  They cannot or will not understand that, for essential programs that will have to be trimmed or eliminated, there will be a replacement mechanism found to fill the need.  That’s how we as a nation and a people, will come together to ride this rough patch out.  Without national cooperation, from all of us, we as a nation stand to lose something we cannot afford to lose.  Our national soul…………….Click the pic for the story.  Libs, if your going to send me hate mail on this post, think twice.  I will delete as soon as you resort to the usual name-calling, and hate filled vitriol.  If you want your comment posted, make comments that are well thought out, factual and civil.  I will be happy to post all those that meet that criteria.  Read my disclaimer to the right of this post…..

UPDATED 031011


Now that we have had a few days to digest the happenings in Wisconsin, I think we are able to deduce a few facts about what is going on there.

  1. The Governor is doing exactly what he was elected to do, reduce the state budgetary deficits.  He is doing this in a completely legal manner, irrespective of what the state public employees think.  He has used the rule of law to take steps that will stop the public employee unions from holding the state hostage over excessive wages and benefits.
  2. The only reason the mob is so organized is because of the union/s involvement.  They did so simply because the union bosses see their little kingdom being diminished and they will have a lot less clout at the bargaining table.  It has nothing really to do with protecting their rank and file, only the big wig union bosses.  The Rank and file is so completely blind to that fact, they have willingly acted like a bunch of anarchists and a lynch mob.  They care not about the tax payers in the state.  They think they are entitled and don’t care about the states solvency.  All they care about is themselves, nothing more.
  3. The cowardly Democrats who ran out of state in order to “short-circuit” this bill, deserted their posts and should be sanctioned in some way.  They failed to represent their Constituents as required.  They are crying “foul” over the manner in which the collective bargaining provision was passed. The say it was unconstitutional, when in fact they are only pissed because they simply got “out-maneuvered” by the Republicans, using the “Rule of Law” to accomplish that portion of the Bill, minus the Dems.
  4. There are far more non-union voters in the state than union.  THEY will be the ones who prevail at the polling booths.

I am sure there are more points that could be made here, but one very glaring fact remains to be said.  Lets see…,  I seem to remember a certain President of the United States who said that change is going to be hard, and that in order to get through this financial meltdown, “everyone must have a little skin in the game”.  Well, here is the Wisconsin’s public employee’s skin.  The Libs are all about “having a little skin in the game”, as long as it is not theirs.  We see the tantrums that the left throws now, and I find it appalling.  There is even the possibility that the only reason the protestors got past the police is because the police (being public union employees), are sympathetic to their cause and allowed the incursion into the Capitol building.  Gee, makes sense to me…….My question is; Why is it that it is ALWAYS the Left that ALWAYS resorts first to the hateful, vitriolic, incendiary speech?  Evidently it is ok for them, but nobody else….  Like I have said in previous posts, these people are incapable of logical, linear thinking.  They are like animals that are nothing but emotional beings who act out of simple emotion, not a rational, reasoned, considered, discriminating thought process.  It is just not who or what they are, period.  As an example, when I get the hate mail from this post, you will see what I mean.  My point will be made.  You’ll see…….

Click the pic for the story


UPDATED 031111

We must never lose sight of the fact that the “Left” is the group that is lawless with no honor.


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