I happened upon this GSA vehicle while I was out and about a little while ago.  I just don’t understand how the Feds can justify the purchase of these overly expensive hybrid vehicles when there is no “alternative” fuel on the horizon?  There are no plans to use more ethanol than now in use and the purchase of these vehicles seems like nothing but a “feel-good” measure and an effort to further the “Green” subversive agenda………The only thing I can think of that is good about this vehicle is that it is a Ford, not a Government Motors car or Chrysler, which the Feds, errr,  YOU AND ME own…  Most vehicles being purchased by the Feds are mostly the latter, not Ford……  I personal would never by anything but a Ford until the feds get out of the car business.  Remember, Ford did NOT take any Fed moneys as GM and MOPAR did……….


  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/10/2011 - 10:40 am

    Don’t be surprised if this Hy-Brid is part of Obama’s Re-Investment Act where billions of dollars were wasted working on roads and freeways that virtually had nothing wrong with them like what I saw right here in the town I live in and this car was purchased to see how well the improvement on our hi-ways is working. In all reality the FEDS don’t justify anything they purchase, as a matter of fact the thought of justifying anything they purchase has not even entered their minds. So trying to understand this is just a waste of time. They have an endless supply of funds to purchase what they ever so desire and give away taxpayer money to bogus Government grants that amount to no more than someone else living off the tax payers dime. My guess is that if we actually saw how many perks, gifts and bonuses that our government Officials give themselves, a mass majority of the working class Americans would start a revolution in this country that would pretty much destroy our government and country as it is today.
    I would venture to say there was no haggling over the price of this car and the sales person made a hefty commission, also I would not be one bit surprised if the sales person was a close relative to the one that purchased this car.
    Nothing our government does surprises me anymore as we are at their mercy if we do not comply to their dictatorship agenda they impose on us, i.e.: more and more taxes, laws, regulations, socialism, indoctrination of children and this list goes on and on.

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