Ok folks, this could be the shot across the bow we’ve been expecting.  Read the story and pass it on…




  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/15/2011 - 9:07 pm

    Our Statue of Liberty offends the Muslim world? Well you know what? All Muslims offend me! President Barrack Obama offends me. He’s a Muslim. Even if he wasn’t a Muslim he would still offend me. Telling me I’m arrogant, telling me I over reacted when I stood in dismay watching the Twin Towers fall into a pile of rubble all mixed together with American bodies. It offends me seeing him and his family climb out of the Presidential Helicopter. It offends me when I see Muslims crouched on their carpets in the middle of New York City while they worship Allah. It offends me when I see pictures of Obama playing Golf or Basketball while his Administration and Czars destroy America. It offends me when I hear of Obama and his Family taking another vacation while the rest of the country continues to pay taxes under threats from the IRS if we don’t. It offends me to hear Obama spewing out more of his BS. It offends me every time I go out and all I see are pictures of Obama or his wife all over the magazine racks or pictures of him on Birthday cards or Easter cards or cards of any kind. It offends me to see so many books at the books stores on Obama. It really ticks me off though when I hear of some one comparing him to Abraham Lincoln. It’s beyond being offended when I hear that someone thinks he should have his likeness on Mount Rushmore.
    Just where in the Hell do these Terrorist Muslim’s get off saying they want the Statue of Liberty dis-mantled? Muslims are a SEVERE danger to America and the American people just don’t get it. By the time the people that call themselves American Patriots finally wake up to what Obama and his Muslims are doing it will be too late, let me repeat that, IT WILL BE TOO LATE to reverse what they are accomplishing right under their noses. As it stands today the American people are further under the downfall of their country than they realize. I mean what do they think was really going on when they saw pictures of Muslims praying to Allah in downtown N.Y. City? They are claiming that place as their own! I’ll tell ya, Homeland Security (such as it is) or the New York Police or the CIA or our own Military had better close all visitation to the Statue of Liberty and keep a 1 mile perimeter off limits to all if we don’t want that statue blown up. These Muslims play for keeps and they only care about their 20 virgins. Oh, we can’t forget, they do care about their wives and daughters as long as they are scared of getting their heads chopped off. The American people are taking this Muslim thing too lightly and they better get their head out of the sand.

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