This simple vote demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt, the Dems are not serious about lowering the deficit.  All they want to do is give the “illusion” that they are fiscally responsible, which we know, they are not.  They are going to use the rhetoric that the GOP wants to starve people and throw them out in the cold, yada, yada, yada…….  All they know how to do is spew hate speech and throw money to their cronies, and are not into doing the things that truly help people up, and out of poverty.  This is because, poverty IS their base, and they rely on people believing they are victims of one sort or another.  Nothing about responsibility or breaking the cycle of social dependence…..





  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/14/2011 - 9:32 pm

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. First off, Patty Murray is nothing but a Dolt and could be replaced by a bag of dirt. She’ll vote for what ever Maria tells her to. This Maria Cantwell is a founding member of the Apollo Alliance (that Harry Reid created) that is supported by George Soros. That ought to tell us where her allegiance lies. They are all enemies of the state and none of them can be counted on to defend the Constitution of the United States. Van Jones is also part of this Apollo Alliance and is part of its National Steering Committee. This is part of the George Soros Shadow Government I have mentioned on previous posts. Writing to any one of these Communist even to voice an opinion is a waste of time and effort. A lot of these Scoundrels are dug into our government like a bunch of Alabama Ticks.

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